Intelligent Design: You Know What Would Be Genuinely Provoking?…

Date: July 29, 2016

01) Has Science Discovered God?

“This video explores the latest discoveries from physics and astronomy on the universe and biology and DNA and how these relate to the existence of God.”

We have the Bible [both old and new testaments], alleged to be “the inspired word of god”…And we have the Qur’an, alleged to be “the direct and absolute word of allah [god]”…Both of these contain accounts of dialogue with god, dialogue with angels, dialogues with satan, and dialogues with demons…all of which, presumably, would have great insight into the beginning of everything.

…And yet, nowhere in the pages of these books, is a working knowledge of the universe [or any of the fields of science] displayed…

Why are the two most revered books on this planet, allegedly coming from the most knowledgeable, all capable and powerful “being” ever to exist, inexplicably barren of a detailed explanation of the universe and all in it, down to it’s most minute details?

Why has this amazing “being”, decided to come off looking unimpressive and incompetent?…It could have ultimately given us the answers to everything…But even if it held back, because it thought we weren’t sophisticated enough to be able to comprehend the information…Why didn’t it accurately explain to us, even just the basics of our solar system?…or that beliefs like Venus and Mars being “gods floating in the sky” are wrong?…but, instead, they are planets?

Such an amazing “being” would have found a way to impart this knowledge upon us, clearly and distinctly, with no doubts about it’s origins, had it wanted us to believe in it’s legitimacy…So, what is the rational behind it not doing so?…especially when it has everything to gain, by impressing us?

If it wants our belief most of all, as the stories claim…then this is a ludicrous contradiction.

The two [or three] most impressive books of this creature, should blow science out of the water and render it redundant…and yet, they are pathetic when measured against the standards and performance of science…Why is that?

…Any honest mind knows why.

This video is a piece of unsophisticated propaganda…

If the universe is “finely tuned to produce and support life”…then we have a heck of a lot to explain, given that life cannot naturally exist in the overwhelming amount of our universe, that we know about. That is not good “tuning”.

This guy [like most creationists] is taking basic facts we have discovered [and know]…and spuriously assigning them to the Intelligent Design [aka Creation] story.

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