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Evil-Unveiled: A Personal Response…


Date: July 27, 2016

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Warning: I do not suggest visiting the Encyclopedia Dramatica website. Like various troll owned websites, visiting has been known to set off alarms from anti-virus software. The people behind Encyclopedia Dramatica are clearly malicious. Visit at your own risk. The link is offered strictly as proof.

You can find it cached at the URL below:

DEAD LINK [Original URL – A Perverted Justice Website]

Note: At one point in time, there was a bastardized paragraph taken from one of my BoyChat posts, which was altered [words were deleted] to make it look as though I’d stated the exact opposite of what I stated in my post. I think this was on an older version of Wikisposure [“CorporateSexOffenders”], and that my archival of that version is not presently in my possession. Therefore, I will make no further comment on this, unless I retrieve those files.

…I’m just shocked that this slanderous swipe at me was edited out of the page…Possibly someone was afraid of being sued…Or, because my privacy was violated and they know who I am, they cleaned the page up to make it appear professional [as opposed to the malicious hatchet job it is, where the lies can be clearly established].

Archived Copies:

I’m offering two versions of this page. They are only stylistically different, except one offers a few more graphics.

First Copy [Zip Archive]:

Second Copy [Zip Archive]:

Full HTML Pages [Zip Archive]:

Had a zip file containing two HTML files, and their file folders…But, the pages try to run a script upon loading…So, I didn’t feel good about offering that one. The previous two links show the pages…They’re just chopped up into several screen captures.

Since I already said much of what I would be inclined to say, below…I’m just going to add a couple of notes.

“Goodguy’s Erotic Quest” is an over the top story, made up of a smorgasbord of shorter masturbation stories.

For quite a number of years, Cynthia was the primary promoter of this story, as she had it linked directly at this page. This was especially outlandish, given the big stink they were making about the story…and the “trigger” warning that accompanied the link. The link is now gone.

You can find it with a simple web search. It still resides in the Nifty archive…an archive for alternative stories.

A bit of trivia…

I wrote this most of twenty years ago. It was a gift, of sorts…First to my friends, who I love…and second to the broader community, to help them cope with life a bit better.

Second…these people have never given live citation links, to anything of mine…no links to my BoyChat posts…and never a link to any of my blogs or websites. They only provide links to resources of mine, which they already know are not there [and have not been, for a very long time].

They refuse to cite my domain…despite that they know I have it, and that I am here on WordPress.

Fact is…these malicious people don’t want you to come visit me, and see what I’ve honestly been up too, for the past ten years. I’ve always found this to be incredibly sleazy behavior on their part, given that they are trying to paint a very narrow picture of me…One which does not honestly represent me.

Anyone reading anything I write, needs to know the context in which I have written those words…Which is why failing to provide citation links, is so sleazy…Onlookers do not get the full picture. My words are also edited, to make them look how the website owner wants them to look. This is deception.

Third…I have a long history of exploring the philosophy of man boy love, in my writings. I have always advocated against people seeking real world sex, of any illegal form. I’m a realist, however…and I understand that things go on in the world, which I have no control over…and some people break those laws, regardless of what I have to say about it.

I have never encouraged anyone to break these laws…My activities have had nothing to do with that…Which is why despite knowing who I am…they cant swoop in and arrest me.

A handful of really bad things have happened, at the hands of certain BoyChat posters…Things which were done behind the back of our community…Things we have condemned…and were shocked to discover had happened.

These particular people were already on some kind of private personal course…and they would have interpreted their “justification” from anywhere.

…My activities have never had anything to do with that…nor the celebration or encouragement of it.

The rhyme I wrote for Gort was composed during my first year at BoyChat…

…The circumstances Gort got himself into, which lead to his suicide and an enormous mess…that happened something like five or more years later.

This is why I make comment about their choice to use the Gort rhyme, down below…They’re making it look as though I was making light of what Sparks and Gort did…when I never have [nor would I have].

Those two were estranged from BoyChat for quite a long time, before it became known what they were up too.

For most of us…participation on BoyChat has been entirely about the companionship, and the ability to both learn our roots as BoyLovers…and to exercise our own voices.

The single most horrible experiences I’ve had to live with…is watching my beloved friends fall…Not most of them…but enough…It has changed me, over the years.

I acknowledge a certain naivety, from my earliest years at BoyChat [which is where the bulk of my participation is concentrated]…

…But it’s entirely false, to claim or imply I ever had any knowledge or intent, regarding the actions of certain BoyChat posters.

…I am absolutely proud of my contributions at BoyChat…Just as I am proud of my activities in the blogosphere.

My intent has always been noble, openly genuine and pure.

Fourth…The boy in the picture is me…It was my first signature picture, on BoyChat…I’ve been contemplating having my original signature pictures restored on BoyChat, for a few years now…It really hurt me, taking those down…But, I wanted to retain the option of plausible deniability, even if I never used it…

Today, I don’t even much care…I am a human being…and my pictures of myself, represent my humanity…They help to make my presence both personal, and real.

The people who have been targeting and harassing me over the past [I don’t even know how many] years, should feel nothing but shame…over having stolen this from me.

If I get around to restoring them…they will also serve as a middle finger, explicitly to you people.

Finally…It’s very ironic…that the specific quotes you see above, I don’t object too [other than their context has been concealed]…Given the same circumstances they happened in…I would say and express them, all over again…I likely have, in most cases.

I am not ashamed of speaking truth, nor of holding a unique worldview…I am not ashamed of standing up for people, who are being persecuted for their sexuality, and for what is outside of their control.

Last…I want to repeat and emphasize that this is not the exact same version of that webpage, which has been online for years, on a bunch of different web hosts…It’s clearly been altered, and “cleaned up” by these scumbags.

The fanatics behind the hounding of me, can all go screw themselves…

…I am not going to be shouted down, nor intimidated into silence by you cowardly predators.

My original response to this personal threat made against me, from June 24, 2007:

[This is in response to a version of the page threatening my privacy and safety, which differs from the more recent versions I have archived in this post. It may reference things which aren’t explicitly shown here, but which were part of the original page, and remained so for several years.]

I am the “infamous” atheist BoyLover, Steve Diamond, in case anyone is confused by this response. If you don’t know me, then let me just say…I am a humanist, who supports and promotes human rights. I believe in supporting others, being kind and working together to find workable solutions. I am nobody special, in the grander scheme…but, I am someone who has reached a breaking point, and took a stand that this persecution of BL/GLs must stop.

I’m just going through the more outrageously underhanded slights, that were slung at me.

1) …I am “conceited”?…

Holding or characterized by an unduly high opinion of oneself; vain.

I suppose, relative to the stereotype some expect me to embrace, the fact that I do take pride in who I am, care about myself and my life, and encourage other “pedophiles” to do the same, might make for quite the discrepancy.

…How dare I be an uppity pedophile (we are supposed to be depraved trash, aren’t we?), who calls for fairness, compassion, an open mind and equality?…

…How dare I call upon others to learn respect for us?…

…How dare I seek peace and harmony, in my time?…

…How dare I try to help matters?…

I am disturbing the hate and violence.

If that makes me “conceited”, then I will damn sure be conceited…vain…whatever you want to call it.

Sorry (No I’m not), but…I’m not the stereotype, and I will never pretend to be.

2) If mentioning once, over a sentence or two (in order to establish a history) in my blogger profile, that I used to be on the BC admin, means that I “talk about [it] everywhere”…


You can stop trying so hard, to make me look pathetic, as though I’m living on “past glory”.

Truth be told, I’ve almost entirely redefined myself, over the past year…and I’ve been very neglectful of BC, for the past few years.

It’s because I moved on, and attained a different focus.

There will always be a special place in me for BC, however.

3) I was a volunteer at Lifeline for a time (though I make no claim, to have been all that good at it). I never did a hotline…and I don’t recall anyone ever coming to Lifeline, to talk to me about having sex with boys.

“He left this job very frustrated because he felt he was only having to deal with the “stereotypical” pedophile, and never got to see the good in BoyLove.”

…Now, that bit is the only real offensive part of that ridiculous “article”…

That line was pulled, in its’ entirety, out of the authors own ass. It is a lie.

I have never even implied this, anywhere…and I would never, ever speak in a derogatory way, about those who frequent Lifeline, past or present.

That is a cheap, immature stab at BoyLovers in general…and at myself…as well as my writings…I’ve always condemned, disputed and dispelled the stereotype…and worked to expose how false it is.

You can stop trying so hard, to make me seem like a two faced slime bag.

I’ve seen an enormous amount of good in BoyLovers…If I had not, I’d have been gone for good, years ago.

The reason I left Lifeline, was because of my personal health, and an evolution in my own, personal drive…I was somewhat disillusioned, and adrift. I had lost my focus.

These are the only reasons I left Lifeline.

4) I’m not certain what “all the hardships life has to offer” are…or how anyone came to the conclusion that “I” have in any way attached myself to them.

Considering how tight lipped I am about all of my personal endeavors, what I have genuinely lived through, and what I have to deal with (online and off), I find it remarkable that anyone would ever say such a thing…

…or, did they pull another comment entirely out of their own ass?…

You can stop trying so hard, to make people think I am a whiny, self appointed, martyr wanna be…

Funny how little they know about me, evident by their almost empty identifying information…yet, they pretend to know me in some way…and characterize me in ways, that I hope nobody believes even resemble me.

5) I apologize to “I Love Green Olives”, for that grossly out of context, re posting of something I left on his blog. Most precisely, if it was ever taken in any way, I had not intended it.

His blog was deleted…It was titled, “Defending the Pedoerotic”…In a friendly tone, I suggested, maybe he would have better luck, if he did not chose a title which was so blatant. I was offering up one of my own, long term strategies, for his consideration.

…and as to the “30 GB of CP” comment, that was taken from somewhere…I don’t recall where, but I was talking about how illegal activities are holding us back, in their own ways…and making us easy targets.

You can get this sound advice, from any number of people who post right here at BC…who have been around for a long time, and know better, because they have seen the cycle…over and over…

…You can stop trying so hard, to make as though I am a mouthy preacher, who thinks everybody else is below him…

6) …posting about bestiality?…


My historic writing trend almost entirely ignores this subject matter…I don’t concern myself with it.

…and quoting a short clip, from a story I wrote for nifty (or assgm) many years ago, about a boy getting licked to orgasm by his (very lucky) pet dog, hardly establishes me as someone who has been known to be associated with bestiality.

You are trying very hard…and stretching so thin…

The story is fiction…though, it is inspired by real life, boyhood sexuality…(I’ll let you speculate and fantasize about that one, for a while)…

7) “BC Nursery Rhymes”…

…Yes, I know…I’ve been such a horrible, black blight on the internet, since my arrival…

Such “unspeakable” projects as BC Nursery Rhymes, have been a “terrible burden” for the internet to bare.

My apologies to all, for subjecting any minds to this silly endeavor…intended to inspire laughing…or at least a chuckle accompanied by an eye roll.

I’m almost amazed somebody found this (guess it is still out there)…and I’m amazed, that these are the only things you could come up with, given the enormous amount of writing I’ve done, over the past year.

…but, pick and choose as you will…What you’ve come across and decided to focus on, are whimsical expressions from my past…and I am not at all ashamed of any of them.

I noticed you chose Gort’s rhyme…how strategic of you!…

8) My my…you love to give out warnings, for “graphic” content, don’t you?…yet you have no qualms about re posting it…

…nor about re posting it only partially, in a selective manner…and out of context.

9) “Anti-Family”…

Let me get this correct…

You can manage to track down the most ancient content I have authored…and you can find the most recent post I have published on a blog…

…but, you cant manage to find even one single thing I’ve written and published online (the sheer volume of which could make a substantial sized book, if ever printed out), which accurately embodies the passion, thrust and intention behind my writing?

You chose nothing of substance…and tried to reduce me to that.

10) Thank you…

…When you have been around this many years, and you have seen several, good, close friends end up in prison…you start to wonder how badly you have been compromised…

…Then, you see sites like this one, and start to realize…They don’t know diddly squat about you…

I guess, my common sense over the years really has paid off.


11) Goplay (what a fun site that was) died at least half a decade ago…

…I don’t have an e-mail account with them anymore…

…but, if you want to contact me to discuss this matter further…you can e-mail me there…

To everybody else, I hope sincerely that nobody honestly thinks of me in such ways…I may have been bone headed at times, but I’ve always come here with sincere, positive intentions…and I hope that has shown through, above everything else.

All the best…
Steve Diamond

More Information:

evil-unveiled made the news.

Volunteers Follow Pedophiles’ Online Tracks

Cynthia Jean (Dale) Harvey is the person primarily responsible for “Evil-Unveiled”, and it’s many years of slander and harassment following it’s purge [as “the Wikisposure Project”] from the Perverted Justice website…But she was spearheading it, all along.


If these online vigilante groups are “heroes,” then why do they have to host their operations overseas


Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’…


Date: July 26, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’

“Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a rousing speech in which he implored the rebellious band of political revolutionaries who backed his presidential campaign to line up behind his former primary rival, Hillary Clinton.

After several minutes of roaring applause, Sanders addressed the elephant in the room. Many of his supporters insist they will refuse to back Clinton, the party’s presumptive nominee. Throughout the primary, Sanders and his team alleged the Democratic National Committee was biased in favor of Clinton. The leak of emails over the weekend — which showed that DNC staffers were working to undermine Sanders’ bid — fueled protests at the convention that even led to Sanders himself being booed earlier in the day. In his speech, Sanders acknowledged the anger many of his supporters feel.”

You know…I realize Bernie was a long shot from the start…and this was a probable outcome, all along…

…But given everything that has transpired…This should not be happening.

Bernie was supposed to stay on the campaign trail, and keep the momentum going into the Democratic convention…But it died, what?…a month ago?…

I get it, that we have something that we can harness…and I still love Bernie Sanders, as a human being…

…I just wonder if Bernie has been politically destroyed by this…and whether whatever it is we have on our hands, can organize…get a leader…and finally slay this corruption.

I wish Bernie had ran as an independent…The people would have rallied around him, just like they did as a Democrat…and he probably would not be bowing out, right now.

…We are in for another four year block of being screwed over…and all that that entails.

I predict Hillary will be the next U.S. President…And she will do so, entirely without my vote.

But then…given all of us who are refusing to vote for her…who knows.

Did you ever think we would get to a point, where both major candidates were so overwhelmingly disliked and unwanted?…Where they were both openly exposed as this corrupt?…and that the establishment just doesn’t give a shit…but expects us to pick one of them?

Take a snap shot of this, USA…and look at it everyday, for the duration of the next presidential term…

It’s time to get so angry…that this never happens again.

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M.A. Voice: Issue 11 – July 25, 2016…


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Date: July 25, 2016

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02) Truth Sander: Once Upon A Time…

03) the anatomical deadspace: Fear

04) Edmund: Review of The Persian Boy

05) Ender Wiggin: Comfortably Numb

06) Tom O’Carroll: So-called abuse was ‘best thing ever’

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08) Michael Sacasas: Injustice, Reform, and Optimism

09) julieanneda: Parenthood and Identity

10) Todd Nickerson: The child rape charges against Donald Trump should be taken seriously

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Other Issues

The Taliban of BoyChat…

Date: July 25, 2016

01) Re: one good thing


…Please don’t let the unelected, unrequested, unnecessary and self chosen Taliban of BoyChat get you down.

A lot of us have cycled through the same thing, because of the endless onslaught…and witnessing what it’s done to this community, especially over the last decade…You have no idea, how many years I held back personal anger and disgust, over this very issue.

A mental exercise I enjoy:

Think of them as followers who are so enamored with us, that they honor us with alternate universe fan fiction…It’s fun!

Since meaningful pushback by the sane, balanced and honest people is so infrequent…it helps to assign the insane busybodies, who are endlessly going on about nothing and being nasty [in hopes it will drive people away], to a kind of ludicrous, mental waste bin…a category befitting of them, and their behavior.

As to Osama Bin Maker…

…The Birds of BoyChat have been singing an interesting tune, in recent past…The only questions being…Do they sing in harmony?…And do they sing true?…

…I honestly would have never suspected…Osama Bin Maker’s historical identity has been concealed quite zealously…all these many, many, many years, as they’ve habitually returned to stab the knife into this community’s back…nobody [or few people] being the wiser, as to who is doing this to us.

It’s quite the thing to ponder…because if true, Osama Bin Maker is a massive Judas, to a community which accepted and embraced him [I was here, when he arrived]…a community which was remarkably good to him.

…But Osama Bin Maker and I were never on close terms…I could never vouch for his character, below the surface of his public persona.

Those who fail the acid test:

One thing I have come to know and personally experience…

…is that finally discovering that you actually do have real skin in this game, is the true acid test of character…especially within communities like this, with our particular social circumstances.

Some people know why they stand and fight…while others retreat, conceal themselves, and become bitter, abusive fiends…who blame, and blame and blame…who sow the seeds which undermine a community.

…This happens with our home grown celebrities, just like any other member…Some people take a stand, only when it is easy…When things start getting complicated, is when their true colors come out…

…It’s been really sickening realizing, who all you have to watch your back being around…when they should have been part of the supporting foundation of this community.

…This community was far better to them, then they have been to it.

Most of us here, are still decent quality people of good nature…I at least take heart in knowing that much.

…And since I know the Furor of BoyChat Thought and Communication, himself, cannot possibly refrain from clicking on and reading this post while foaming at the mouth and having an aneurism…

You weren’t invited to this exchange.

…Just shut up…go back to the bed you’ve made, and lay in it.

…Nobody wants your venom, your Social Justice Warrior tactics, your creepy Mind Fuck games, your sociopathic lying, your abusive tripe, and your spineless concealment of who you are to this community, anymore.

The last couple of years aside…I’ve been watching you for years, and years…I already know exactly what you are all about…And I never need to hear, read, see, feel or smell anything from you, ever again.

Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader…

Date: July 25, 2016

01) Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader

“(CNN) — Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she is stepping down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the party’s convention, which is set to begin here Monday.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed Off DNC Stage

DNC Kicks Off… To MASSIVE Boos

Game of Thrones and BoyLove…

Date: July 24, 2016

01) Game of Thrones and BL

“I saw a hint of boylove in few episodes.”

Well, let’s see…

Right out of the gate, we have an ultra cute boy popping through a window, while Jamie and Cersie are going at it hot n heavy…

…But instead of doing the polite thing, and inviting Bran to join in…they push him back out the window, presumably to his death…

As an LBL, I was mortified by that alone…on multiple levels…It was like an ugly jab at LBLs, conscious or not.

…This just doesn’t sound like a BL story to me.

…I also started watching Game of Thrones, in no small part due to seeing a picture of Isaac Hempstead Wright…and comments from [BoyChat], that “pedophilia” was represented in the series…[Please, do not judge…I have the right to hope, just like anybody else.]

…While yes, many people will consider Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen “pedophilic”…it’s still a bastardization of the term…and a disappointing bore.

[The actors are physically beautiful in their own ways, but that’s just not my thing.]

…What a let down, when Bran [and Rickon (and nipple sucking Robin, too)] was right there.

But who am I kidding…HBO was never going to give us anything really good, in this regard…Drogo and Daenerys are safe subject matter.