GirlChat: A bit of historical perspective…

Date: August 09, 2016

01) Merge with GC?

Free Spirits did give rise to Girl Chat, yes…And as I recall it, when they were surveying the general attitude of BC BLs over it, there was an overwhelmingly accepting tone [so long as they maintained responsibility of their own board].

I don’t know what has brought on this era of vitriol…But there once was a day, when some of us were proud of Free Spirits, for having given GLs a place.

While I’ve never honestly had any deep level of power or control, here…I have considered myself amongst the people, who helped GLs get their own board.

I’ve always been supportive of this [as well as general BL / GL empowerment], since my earliest days on BoyChat…That may come as news to a few people…but it certainly should not, as I’ve never changed my stance.

…It is part of our legacy, to help GLs…despite our differences, and despite whomever around here is trying to break that alliance.

Yes…to respond to something I meant to mention…I know about Common Ground…Why wouldn’t I?…I participated in the discussion prior to it’s formation…and I am all but positive, that it’s namesake was taken from a comment in one of my posts.

Things have changed a lot since then…BLs and GLs have been intermingling for years, including at dreaded places online like twitter…And we don’t have all of this manby pamby drama and tantrum throwing, like has been witnessed in this thread.

Any decent person learns how to rise above their differences, and see the humanity in others.

…Get a grip, people…

…An individual has arrived and made a suggestion…The sky is not falling, in a blazing flame…Someone has simply given us a starting point, for a discussion […oh, the horrors]. Anyone can shape the discussion, bringing it around to something more palatable…

…Some of the ways a few BLs have decided to respond in this thread, have just been embarrassing…entirely uncalled for…and the foundation of bad will.

We all know that short of some kind of LEO take down, BoyChat is not dissolving [and likely not GirlChat, either]…I don’t know what any of you find so personally threatening here…

…But your chosen responses have exposed way more about yourselves, than anything else.

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