Evil-Unveiled: Am I a hypocrite for sharing links, which expose a select group of people?…


Date: August 28, 2016

Am I a hypocrite for sharing links, which expose a select group of people?

If I haven’t already made this clear…

…I find doxing to be a deplorable, despicable and dangerous behavior. I have always condemned it. It is indefensible, and should be prosecuted. It is something I want nothing to do with, in every regard.

I am a very long term victim, of a high profile doxing project…It has had a rather severe psychological impact on me, given that I know my private information has been discovered by these people…and they’ve been holding it over my head, for years…I’ve experienced people trying to torment me, because of this…and it’s been a very long term issue, I’ve been forced to live with.

Despite my demeanor, and the fact that things continue on “as normal”…I’ve been living under the stress of this cloud, more intensely, for more like four to five years…because these deranged, malicious sociopaths wont leave me alone…and continue, mostly covertly, trying to make problems for me.

Previously…and for nearly all of my almost two decades of being involved…I’ve never crossed that line, of intentionally exposing people’s private information…and I’ve never done so, out of a personal malicious intent.

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly alarmed and fed up with the way certain people have abused the online MAP community…and since we came to know who some of those people are…it only became an obvious fact, that victims of said people deserve to know who is doing this to them…and I did start using the legal names, of certain people…whenever they came up in conversation.

Keep in mind…we are talking about people who have no qualms over straight up lying about individual MAPs, and launching smear campaigns against them…attacking MAPs in their private lives, on multiple levels…merely because they identify as a MAP, and discuss it online. These are people who think they have a right to destroy you, because you are part of a minority class they harbor ill will towards. You don’t have to do anything even remotely wrong [or illegal], to be targeted by these sociopaths…and yes, they are sociopaths…Some of them have been lingering around our communities, for a decade or longer.

That is the situation we are looking at, and dealing with.

My more recent efforts of documenting this [at least as it relates to myself], are for the purpose of having the true facts out here and accessible, in the event that something happens to me…as in anything from being murdered, to having trumped up charges filed against me…or whatever may fall between.

I’ve become far more concerned about my personal safety in the last few years, and different threats which have become obvious…and I’m fighting back, by exposing these people who are behind it.

I want people to know clearly, what is happening to me…and the history behind it.

I don’t want to reach a point, where I am no longer able to explain what is happening to me…where I’ve not taken the time to previously lay out these points of fact…and where the only people putting out statements, are the malicious sociopaths.

I want the actual truth to be out there, and known.

I am going through all of this, because as a MAP…I have steadfastly taken a stand, on various complicated issues…and certain sociopaths think they have a right to torment me for it…

…No…They do not have any such right…and I will respond to them, for the sociopaths they are…

My motives in exposing the people behind this, are entirely different from the motives of those people when harassing me [or other MAPs].

Don’t you even dare suggest, that this is in any way equivalent…

…They couldn’t be more different.


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