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YouTube’s Self Destruction: “Advertiser Friendly” and Demonetization…

Date: September 01, 2016


DEMONETIZED!!! – YouTube vs Free Speech

Let’s talk about the Great YouTube Demonetization act of 2016

Youtube is Censoring content?

This is not total censorship…as these channels continue to exist, and have the ability to create and upload videos…They just cant get advertisement revenue on some of their videos.

Does it suck?…I’m sure it does…But it’s a very different thing from what so many MAPs have experienced with YouTube, throughout the existence of YouTube.

This is some degree of censorship, no doubt…but they still get to freely express themselves on YouTube…

It seems…that content creators are now constrained by a vague notion of “Advertiser Friendly”…So, if they value [or need] the income YouTube is allowing them…then they may not be able to create the style of media they prefer.

…They may have to create politically correct [and even mindless] content…and then use all of their common videos, to ask their audience to go watch the monetized videos [“after watching this one”]…Sounds like such a pain.

See…this is amongst the various reasons, why I’ve never even considered trying to make a profit off of anything I do online…Someone will throw a monkey wrench into the setup, eventually…even if you’re being professional.

You cannot honestly talk about the issues which are most important to you…and expect to be financially rewarded for it…In fact, if it’s controversial…you should expect to only lose money…If the social issues are important enough…then it will never be about “this is my job and income”.

As to YouTube…this is one of the dangers of becoming too mainstream, which so many of us hate to see happen…They’re pandering more and more, to the people who put out generic, shallow and politically correct content…while penalizing those who do not [many of whom have something important to say, and an audience that watches]…regardless of the views they are gaining YouTube.

I think this was on the horizon, for quite a while.

…I’m very sad to see it…But being someone who’s been burned by YouTube in the past…I don’t expect anything better out of YouTube…

Beyond Gay and Straight: New Paper Says Sexual Orientation Is Much More Complicated…


Date: September 01, 2016

01) Beyond Gay and Straight: New Paper Says Sexual Orientation Is Much More Complicated

“All of us have “multiple sexual orientations … across a variety of different dimensions.”


Seto’s research has long focused on sexuality, especially the psychology of sex offenders and of pedophiles. In his latest paper, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Seto returns to and expands upon “the idea that pedophilia, a sexual interest in prepubescent children, can be considered a sexual orientation for age, in conjunction with the much more widely acknowledged and discussed sexual orientation for gender.”