From Batman V Superman, to Suicide Squad…


Date: September 02, 2016

01) Re: An Open Letter to Warner Bros

“Original Open Letter:

I’m not giving a review to Suicide Squad…I’ll just say here, that I generally liked the movie…

…This is likely because it delivered what it was supposed to deliver, in a reasonably entertaining way…without getting convoluted by three or more distinct stories getting mashed together, while skimping on the movie’s own premise and namesake…

BvS, aside from the massive sin of failing to deliver a substantive, epic clash between Batman and Superman [which could have filled, and made, the entire movie]…the movie gets hijacked by some sloppy story about Lex Luthor and Doomsday…both of which could have been entire movies, in their own right…They did not need to be there…and it felt like a cheap sidestep…and they blew through so much major storyline, like it was nothing.

Man of Steel was not what it should have been…and then they went and pulled this stunt, as a follow up.

Suicide Squad may have it’s problems…It may feel somewhat different, from the two previous movies…But it stayed focused, and told a generally coherent story.

What kind of gets me…is that the dark atmosphere of BvS, was one of the best elements of the movie…It’s one of the things that they got right…But listening to them, it’s like they think that they have to do away with that, and change one of the things this series had going for it.

The dark atmosphere isn’t the problem…It’s the poor storytelling, and lack of believable behavior…[Someone who wants to kill another person, isn’t going to have a change of heart, because their mothers share the same name!…Nor is he going to act as though he lost an old friend, when said target dies by means other than his own hands!]…

The people in charge of this series need to be put out to pasture…and new people need to be brought in…If they still cannot take a franchise this beloved and make a hit movie from it…it’s time for them to go away, and leave it alone.


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