Zach Sweers: The most bizarre predator I’ve seen…


Date: September 11, 2016

01) The most bizarre predator I’ve seen

“This video retrospects a guy I talked with online who is now in prison, in part for trying to have sex with who he thought to be an underage girl. The police found more on him though…”

A grocery list of things a MAP should not be doing online…Plus, Zach shares with us a bit of his own psychology…as someone who’s been feeding off of this kind of thing, for a handful of years now.

…I’ve been watching these sorts for some time…many years…It’s led me to the conclusion, that while many are sincere in their moral outrage…one thing they cannot seem to hide, is their internal “thrill of the hunt”…their relishing, of being able to do this to another human being…and love for exercising this level of control and devastation, over another human being.

Having personally been approached by a handful of these sorts of people [over the past two decades]…my experience is that they tend to have a very deep seeded malice…and get off on the dehumanization of MAPs…They get off, on being able to hurt, torment and destroy other people…while telling themselves it’s okay to do this to “the right type of people”.

There is no practical reason why Zach had to make and upload this video…as the guy in question has a very strong chance of dying in prison…

…It just comes off like a gratuitous show of power, against someone who is incapable of responding to Zach…or suing him.

…And, no…I am not defending the actions of the guy in this video…What he did was reckless and stupid…It only serves to deal a black eye, to MAPs in general…And if he was playing a bunch of other teens…then good riddance to him…That is no way to pursue those kinds of relations.

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2 thoughts on “Zach Sweers: The most bizarre predator I’ve seen…

  1. usukbigtime

    Aight so, I’m assuming this is to the person on youtube catching pedos… Only a pedo would try and paint it as something bad. You fucking child molester.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      My words in this post are entirely balanced and fair.

      I’m not approving most of the comments you’ve left on this blog, as they’re abusive and vulgar…violently threatening, even…and they violate the comment posting guidelines.

      I’ll approve this one, however, because it opens the door to adding some recent developments.

      I see that Zach is still at it, and defiant as ever.

      A state attorney general is now warning him to stop…Very interesting development, in his case.

      As a refresher [and somewhere else on this blog], he got into legal trouble over this exact behavior, a few years back…and he was ordered to stop.

      One incident found him with another person [a friend, I believe], meeting up with “a predator”…his friend carrying a gun.

      I know last time I paid any attention to this, he was being sued by one of his targets.

      Now we have to wait and see if the state attorney general brings charges against him.

      I’m really interested in seeing how such would play out.


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