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M.A. Voice: Issue 13 – September 15, 2016…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Date: September 15, 2016

01) FC: Review of ‘Attic Adolescent’ by Bob Henderson

02) Enochian: New World’s Child Porn Record [read the thread]

03) Filip30: new result from the finnish child-adult-sex-study

04) Filip30: mainly siblings and not ‘pedophiles’ abuse children

05) Filip30: study: interest in Teen Porn has increased

06) Ethos Issue 1 – PDF

It’s always good to see MAPs doing online magazines, and I welcome Ethos.

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The Sims Trailers – From The Sims 1 to The Sims 4…


Date: September 15, 2016

01) The Sims Trailers – From The Sims 1 to The Sims 4

“…a video with all of The Sims’ official trailers…”

Found this great video, featuring just about every official video for the Sims games, and expansion packs.

I love the Sims…at least through the third incarnation.

…I think the Sims 4 has reached a brick wall, where they have painfully little that is new to offer…and they’re honestly just repackaging pretty much everything they’ve already sold, over the past three previous games.

Who wants to shell out all of that money, just to buy essentially the same thing all over again?

But, overall…it’s been a great series.