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18 year old Austrian girl sues parents for posting baby photos on Facebook…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) 18 year old Austrian girl sues parents of posting baby photos on Facebook

“Carinithia” is suing her parents for posting over 500 images of her on their facebook pages claiming they didn’t get consent. The father claims he owns the rights to the image. The court will decide in November.”


First, to Matt…I hope that person did not send you the physical copy of your avatar, after ejaculating on it…That’s just wrong [unless it’s something already agreed upon].

…Perhaps he just sent a link to a video?

…No, I don’t want such a link…I’m just hoping you didn’t have to come into contact with a strangers bodily fluids.

As to the actual topic of this video…the case fascinates me.

I don’t believe it would be a good precedent [at all], for people to be able to sue their parents over baby pictures…But I’m wondering what would happen, if this did become the next phase in scrubbing childhood pictures off of the internet.

What would happen if you could be prosecuted [maybe even incarcerated], for merely posting pictures of children, no matter what your relation to them?

I would be interested in seeing the reaction of millions [billions?] of parents, should their family photos start being treated the same as child pornography.

I know for a fact…there are fanatics out there, for whom getting this passed into law would be a personal wet dream…They live for exercising that level of power and control.

…I just wonder what would happen, if they ever succeeded…

…Would larger society finally put it’s foot down?

“Don’t Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders”…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) “Don’t Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders”

“Now, you’d think that because Clara is my boss, I’m going to defend her over this. But I’m not! Not totally, anyway. Let’s break down what’s actually going on here.

First, Atrios is upset because he doesn’t like criticism of young people. Why? Beats me. As near as I can tell, millennials don’t actually attract any more abuse than any other age cohort. I’m not sure why they should be any more immune to criticism than anyone else.”

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POLL: America Wants Bernie Back…

Date: September 17, 2016

01) POLL: America Wants Bernie Back

“In the latest edition of Morning Consult’s Senator Approval Rankings, Bernie Sanders is more popular than ever among Vermonters. The progressive independent who gave Hillary Clinton a major headache in the presidential primary has an 87 percent approval rating in his home state. That’s a sizable jump from his already high 80 percent approval rating in April, when Morning Consult compiled favorability ratings collected throughout the beginning of the year…”

Come back, Bernie!