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Dad From TLC’s “The Willis Family” Arrested For Child Rape…

Date: September 18, 2016

01) Dad From TLC’s “The Willis Family” Arrested For Child Rape

Thank you, Alonso…I know exactly what you are talking about.

As a pedophile, I am accused of being a child molester from time to time…and have been accused of such, many times over…Yet, I don’t even have sexual encounters with anyone at all.

How can you be a molester, or a rapist…when you’re not even doing anything sexual, with anyone else?

Hell…I don’t even access child pornography…But do you think this stops most people from throwing around accusations?

It’s a fundamental lack of understanding…over the fact that orientation, is not the same thing as personal ethics.

Orientation is the attraction…Personal ethics, are what you do with those attractions.

…And I totally agree…Usually the ones pointing their fingers the most, screaming the loudest and finding horrors under every stone…those are the ones, who are usually hiding something about themselves…They often tend to be closet cases, who are trying to cover up their own deeds.