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The Spore Creature Creator…


Date: September 19, 2016

01) Spore – Great Red Dragon – Most Detailed Creation Yet

This was made with a mod…so…Otherwise, it would have been limited to far less parts. That mod is linked in the video’s description, if you are interested.

What this video establishes, is the potential of what could be possible…even with a simple to use creature creator, like the one found in Spore.

I consider the Spore creature creator to be the best part of Spore…and find it a tragedy, that this creator is trapped inside such a mundane “game”.

If they could take that basic creation tool…loosen up the limitations…add more parts [and the ability to import original parts]…maybe put in a skeleton motion editor…and the ability to export your creation to another gaming environment, like a game maker…they would have an amazing product.

Of course…the professional companies are never going to do this, because they don’t want to have to compete, with the laymen who use their product…Nor do they want to release anything into the market, that may make their own career obsolete.

…Which means such a lofty goal would fall on the shoulders of private individuals, who believe the world of video game making should be open to everyone.

This sort of software has actually been around for many years…There are many game makers out there…

…I’ve been a substantial enough fan of the RPG Maker series, which spanned three installments over the first two PlayStation consoles…and there are several adaptions, for the PC…which is where the project has migrated to.

The biggest gripe, is that the character and creature creators are generally not all that good…Which stinks, because there is so much repetition with models…and the models are nothing that can compare with modern games on the market.

If you’re adept at using certain [usually very expensive] graphics software…you can create and import models…

…I guess it just annoys me…that these kinds of software packages don’t have a robust, native editor included…that would allow you to do, what the Spore editor allows.

For those who enjoy making games…that would be absolutely wonderful to have.


Double Standard in “Culture Appropriation”?…

Date: September 19, 2016

01) 7 Myths about Cultural Appropriation DEBUNKED! | Decoded | MTV News

I guess this should not be a shock…but it’s the first time I’ve heard anything about this specific double standard…so…

If what this lovely young lady claims is true…then nobody who isn’t part of the biological [what about ideological, or social class?] majority, can culturally appropriate from that majority culture…

…It seems, those incidents are not appropriation…because those people have been unintentionally [or unwillingly] pulled along in the social trends of the majority.

…In other words…if somebody else unilaterally decides that you are part of the biological [aka racial] majority…then other people of minorities can copy your features…but, you cannot copy theirs?

…Oh, wait…It’s not allowed between the minorities, either?

I have a few questions…

…On what authority, does anyone presume a right to separate humans into classes?…and this is especially egregious, when people who don’t even know each other, try to assign subjective levels of “privilege” to one another.

I’ve been watching these kinds of filmed exchanges, for a while…

…And I’ve seen the individuals who point a finger at others…make a sudden judgment, based upon the shallowest of observation [IE: “You’re complexion is so white!”]…just to dictate that their target “has no right”…to be there…to have a voice…to wear a style of clothing…to have a hair style…

…A lot of it is just straight up goofy, and hard to wrap your mind around…Because so many of these things being outraged over, don’t even make any sense.

Who cares, if a non-black wears dreadlocks?…In reality, there is no harm in this…and dreadlocks are associated with at least a few, non-black, ancient cultures…Nobody owns dreadlocks.

…And what about whites, or Asians, or whomever is non-black, who grows up and lives in a predominantly black area?…Are they exempt, because they are part of a minority in the life they live?

…How do you even start to draw up plans…for all of this micro-segregation?

…And what possible good is it even doing, to carry on with this type of plan?

What is the objective social good in it?

…And what is this mysterious harm being done, when cultures meld together in these ways?

As a rule…it is a good sign that people who live together in a community, adopt common practices…It’s a form of acceptance…

…It means “we are all human”…and we like to take part in the things of our larger community.

Are they suggesting [or inferring] that groups of different biological makeup, cannot become a singular community?

This whole mess looks like a bunch of problems being imposed, on situations where problems don’t even naturally exist.

…That sort of behavior, is not what we need in this world.