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YouTube “Heroes”…

Date: September 23, 2016

01) The YouTube Heroes Rant #YouTubeHeroes

“#YouTubeHeroes is YouTube’s attempt at getting the community to help curtail abuse and harassment, but is it really the solution or will it cause more problems?”

A lot of people seem to think that the open ability of strangers to tag your videos, is a good thing…

…As a pedophile…who realizes people can look at my channel and figure out I’m a pedophile…I’m thinking about the potential tags strangers can come up with, to append to my videos…and I’m wondering if there is any mechanism in place to stop them.

For example…can they only add tags, to videos lacking tags?

…Or are they allowed to just move in, and add whatever tags they feel like adding?…

…Worse still, could they delete my existing tags?

This is a bad enough potential problem, in and of itself.

I don’t actually get this deep with my videos on YouTube [Yes, I do still make and release rare videos on YouTube.]…I often just publish them, unlisted…and with the minimal of required information. To me…YouTube is the content host…and I distribute my content through my blog.

But if strangers can start messing with how your content is treated on YouTube…what’s next?…the ability to change age restriction settings?…the ability to make them private?

I don’t like the idea that anyone can link anything to my content.

…And the captions…good grief!…Are you kidding me?…The potential for abuse there, is massive.

Strangers who have nothing to do with your channel, should never be allowed to impose anything into your personal media content.

People can become quite a nuisance…Which is why I don’t interact live, with the YouTube community…not anymore.

Oxygene Part 8 (HQ) – Jean Michel Jarre…


Date: September 23, 2016

01) Oxygene Part 8 (HQ) – Jean Michel Jarre

Does anyone else remember this?

As I recall it…this came out in the early eighties.

I have a specific memory tied to this music…and this piece has never really left me…

…I just couldn’t recall it’s name…and hence, could never find it.

Sub-Blog Archive


Date: September 22, 2016


“The unspoken reality of pedophilia

Hunted explores the current landscape of pedophilia through the experience of two self-identified young pedophiles, committed to living offence-free lives. Dr. Heather Wood, a clinical psychologist, as well as Dominic Williams, who works for Circles Southeast, a charity aiming to help reduce the impact of sexual harm on communities, offer expertise and opinion, examining pedophilia and the public’s understanding of it.

The line between pedophile and sex offender is often blurred, and there is lack of ability for people living with these sexual interests to seek help. This film explores why we struggle to see the humanity within pedophiles, and how supporting them on the path to a safe, offence-free life would benefit all members of society.”