Article: ‘sexting trend has hit primary schools’…


Date: September 26, 2016

01) Article: ‘sexting trend has hit primary schools’

Original artical trapped behind a pay wall.

02) Alarm as primary school children as young as 10 caught sexting

“Experts are alarmed that children as young as 10 are regularly sending nude and semi-naked photos of themselves, with some shared widely among classmates.

Easy access to internet porn and social media use at younger ages are said to have contributed to the problem.”

“Primary schools are increasingly contacting Victoria’s Centres Against Sexual Assault for advice on how to handle difficult situations where students used mobile phones inappropriately, including sexting.

CASA forum spokeswoman Carolyn Worth said younger children were more likely to send photos wearing singlets or underwear, but some have been more explicit.

She wants education around sexting to start at a primary level.”

Good luck getting to the actual article without a subscription…I did a google search, and ended up on the Herald Sun’s facebook page…and managed to get to the article, by clicking a link there…But there doesn’t appear to be any way, of sending you precisely to a facebook page with that link in it…and trying to transfer that link to a post in my blog, just makes you run back into the pay wall. Accessing this article has been a mighty pain in the behind.

Normally, I don’t feature articles that are behind pay walls [ie: you have to subscribe to the website to gain access]…This one features one of my pet peeve issues, however…I cannot resist.

As to the article content…

…I can appreciate the concern over school bullying, and blackmailing for sex, etc…

I just think it’s telling…that kids who aren’t even tweens have an interest in expressing themselves sexually, also.

I’ve previously talked about how the teens and tweens have taken over child porn, and made us traditional perverts obsolete…And I’ve observed how child porn stays afloat, because when they are given the opportunity…teens, tweens and younger children rise up and keep it going…for entirely their own reasons.

Maybe this is the true future of child pornography?…industrious young children, starting their own cottage child porn businesses?

“We never would have thought that kids this age would take pictures of themselves nude or in intimate positions. We have to keep playing catch-up.”

…And this is coming from an alleged expert?…who allegedly knows a lot about kids?…

Yeah…you would have never thought…

…Have you ever seen, or interacted, with an actual human kid before?…

…If you had…at least with enough of them…then you probably would have been experienced enough, to have anticipated this type of thing…at least from some of them.

The quote above is pure gold…because it is a damning confession, of just how clueless and incompetent these “professional experts” literally are…They’re dogmatic ideologues, trying to push hive mentality off as “expertise”.

You want to know why this world is “going to hell in a hand basket”?…there’s one massive clue, right there.

Anyone with real life experience, dealing with the daily lives of human children [and adolescents]…those people are not going to be thrown for a loop, when encountering a child’s sexuality showing itself.

…They already know enough to expect it.


2 thoughts on “Article: ‘sexting trend has hit primary schools’…

  1. Pete

    I’m very wary of so-called “professionals” who have a religious bias in treating mental health patients, who introduce puritanism and their own neuroses on to people (especially youngsters) behaving sexually.

    I think you could well be right about the future of such imagery. I actually don’t even consider sexting as ‘child porn’, just normal “show me yours” that kids do.

    In addition, I think it is wonderful that Generations Y & Z masturbate without the social stigma we older people suffered. That is at least something progressive in human sexuality.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “In addition, I think it is wonderful that Generations Y & Z masturbate without the social stigma we older people suffered. That is at least something progressive in human sexuality.”

      Oh yes…I have some stories about that, too…

      I used to “pray to god” every time I orgasmed…for quite a while…even though I’d be back at it, usually the very next day…

      It was so pathetic.


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