Some seven and eight year old boys have (and enjoy) oral sex…


Date: September 26, 2016

01) enjoyment of oral sex and age of the boys

“Some seven and eight year old boys have (and enjoy) oral sex. One proof for that is the result of the following study were about 560 homo- and bisexual young men were asked about their first sexual experiences:

Kubicek et al. (2010): In the Dark: Young Men’s Stories of Sexual Initiation in the Absence of Relevant Sexual Health Information. Health Education & Behavior, 37 (2) 243-263.

“Many of the respondents reported that their growing awareness of their sexuality led them to explore the possibilities at a young age. It was not unusual for young men to describe early sexual experiences such as mutual masturbation, oral sex, and “grinding” at the age of 7 or 8.”

Some other studies show that often such early sexual experiences are enjoyed very much.”

BoyChat continues to astonish me…

…because of it’s continued relevance, in educating people.

When I first arrived, back in 98…I could have easily been categorized as “Virtuous Pedophile Lite”…I didn’t see this orientation as anything especially bad…but I also did not see a reason, or social path forward, in successfully defending it.

My time [with BoyChat] has been a life changing experience…The education I have received, numerous times over, has led me to the understanding…that islands of honest examination surrounding our sexuality, do exist.

While I still resist demanding that our sexual inclinations be fully legalized…I have come to staunchly demand, that society quit treating this knowledge, as though it were trash to be discarded.

Thank you, Filip30. I appreciate what you do…just as I’ve appreciated what so many others [on BoyChat] have done.

“Are there any requirements to enjoy oral-sex as an 7 or 8 year old boy?

For example it is well documented that the pubertal development of boys shows big differences.

Or will in a future society without sexual taboos nearly all 7 and 8 year old boys have and enjoy oral sex?”

From what knowledge I have gathered during my lifetime…I think there are no mysterious answers to this…

…We are one of many species, with highly sensitive genitalia and a common trait to be physically close. While we don’t know why…sexual arousal tends to happen…a lot. Probably because we are biological animals, because of our chemistry…and because sex factually serves many social purposes…the natural response, is to go with your instinct.

I believe…the number one factor in a good outcome of these kinds of encounters and relationships…is feeling safe and secure in one’s personal choices.

Naturally…various things can interfere with that…But if there is no interference…it’s just a natural thing, left alone to happen.

It’s telling and instructive…just how often the memories turn out good…whenever people aren’t harshly judged or punished, for doing what comes naturally to them.

One of the things that’s most fascinated me about zoophilia…is it’s ability to demonstrably unlock sexual pleasure, for animals that don’t get to experience sexual stimulation on that level [orgasms, even], in their normal setting with other members of their species. And how some non-human animals have been known, to take to this behavior quite well…very enthusiastically, even.

The only reason I bring this up…is because I think there is a biological parallel going on here…And that some species of warm blooded animals [mammals], simply have a natural, inborn tendency towards sexual intimacy.

…It’s just automatically there, whether it’s being tapped into or not.


7 thoughts on “Some seven and eight year old boys have (and enjoy) oral sex…

  1. Pete

    Good to see evidence of child sexuality, something that shouldn’t surprise anyone. As someone who grew up in a sexually repressed atmosphere, I particulary applaud news that confirms this and allows minors to fully enjoy their blossoming sexual life.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      #metoo….[Tee Hee! ;-D]…

      There is absolutely nothing at all shocking about these findings…nor that eight year old boys could have positive experiences with it.

      It’s common sense, to so many of us who were once an eight year old boy.

      I agree…we need far more research in this area.

  2. feinmann0

    And of course additional evidence beyond the world of adult recollections has existed for decades now and is being created in ever-increasing volumes by boys themselves. I mean of course innumerable photos and videos created over the last half century that prove just how overtly sexual boys at a relatively young age can be, and that prove just how much boys of all ages enjoy behaving sexually with other boys and with men.

    The law has been calibrated perfectly to sustain a puritan morality by forcing celibacy upon children, and by punishing individuals that encourage children to behave sexually. The primary tools in the armoury of the puritan are: to label pictorial evidence showing children behaving sexually as child pornography, to decree that all such imagery evidences child abuse, to punish anyone who possesses or distributes this evidence. In this way, the puritans have designed a perfect system to hide the evidence that clearly demonstrates children are equal to adults in their desire to behave sexually with others.

    The efforts of those who capture such vast quantities of ‘evidence’ for posterity and make it available to others, cannot be underestimated. They are taking a huge risk in preserving the truth and upholding the human rights of children and child lovers alike.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “In this way, the puritans have designed a perfect system to hide the evidence that clearly demonstrates children are equal to adults in their desire to behave sexually with others.”

      This has always sickened and infuriated me…”Child pornography” is vast…What is documented within it, deals an absolute death blow to the endless bullshit of naysayers…

      …What is the response of these gutless, unprincipled, lying, treacherous cowards?…to declare “illegal”, and horribly inhibit, all that proves them wrong.

      They do everything within their power, to make certain nothing positive is ever seen by the general public, regarding these issues…while having their own shills, dictating to the public “what is proper to think”.

      …These officially approved, canned opinions do not jive well at all, with the real world experience of so freaking many of us…In fact, they are in direct, irreconcilable contradiction, to our lived experiences…And yet, “we” aren’t allowed to testify to the matters of our own lived existence…

      This state of things is pure bull shit, on it’s face…It’s completely indefensible, and absolutely inhumane.

      “The efforts of those who capture such vast quantities of ‘evidence’ for posterity and make it available to others, cannot be underestimated. They are taking a huge risk in preserving the truth and upholding the human rights of children and child lovers alike.”

      In western cultures…they are one branch of THE freedom fighters of our time…

      …There is no more important cause of our time, than the true sexual liberation of the human species.

  3. Pete

    Yes we were! Although I didn’t start puberty until aged 11, I remember when several years younger already having an interest/attraction in females, plus found urinating rather sensual. And recently read that pre-pubescent boys can have orgasms, I’m confident you already know that, plus that babies and even fetuses masturbate. We are born as sexual creatures.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      You know…we didn’t talk about this sort of stuff, when I was that young…

      …But I can tell you, I was horny as hell much of the time, by the time I was eleven years old…which, of course, means that I was going through the early stages of puberty…but I can trace sexual arousals back way earlier than that.

      I remember being in third or fourth grade…my first class field trip to the YMCA…In the showers before leaving, the bathing suits started to come off…including mine…and that small shower room was packed…with small, naked, wet, prepubescent boys, in a hot, steamy room…so close to each other…all around me…within arms reach…

      …and holy freak!…that was the single most erotic experience of my entire life…right there…provided to me, by the very same church, which mentally tormented me over my sexuality…

      The teacher was there…and I know he saw my erection…[I don’t know why more boys didn’t have one]…I got moved to an isolated spot in the classroom, after that…I did have a lot of issues, with hating school work, and daydreaming/playing a lot…and, there was one pupil too many for the amount of spaces…In later years, I did become suspicious of the motives behind it, however…Didn’t want me “too close” to the other boys?…

      Yes…I know a lot…

      …One of my most frequent [yet, usually unspoken] curiosities, was in seeing the cute boys I knew naked…I was too bashful to broach the issue, though…It only came about, with the few who were willing to suggest and do it.

      I missed out on a lot, because I didn’t have the nerve…but, real opportunities were there.

      The first time I explicitly noticed another boy sexually, was probably in first grade…one of my best friends…I also had a history of getting aroused and spontaneously horny as a preschooler…It’s amongst my earliest memories…recurred many times.

      There’s nothing abnormal about it…It’s just being alive, as a boy.

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