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Hunting the Paedophiles: Inside the NCA (2015)…


Date: September 27, 2016

01) Hunting the Paedophiles: Inside the NCA (2015)

“Hundreds of British teenage boys had been duped into sending indecent images of themselves to what they thought was a teenage girl online. Many were blackmailed into sending more and more images, with chilling threats made against them by an unknown abuser.”

An ugly truth…is that being a manipulative douchebag, is quite a dangerous path for any MAP to be on.

…We could say, this guy is low hanging fruit…or a Darwin Award nominee…

…Fact is, he went bad.

There are some lines…if you cross them…it’s not a matter of if…but when…when will it catch up to you?

This case is a good example…of how they can track people down, even with tiny amounts of information.

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Being “Out”…

Date: September 27, 2016

01) Are you ‘out’ to your ISP? Why or why not?

“Are you ‘out’ to your ISP? Why or why not?”

My introduction to the internet was WebTV…Proxies were not an option…After a few years, I got a proper PC and went to AOL…After five or six years, I went to DSL with my local phone company.

For three or four years, I used Ghostsurf…which was fine for the time, since all I was doing [BL related] was reading and posting [on BoyChat]…That version eventually became obsolete, and I didn’t buy a new version.

I wanted to get back onto the common internet, because I’ve always had a thing for maintaining my own website…I just like doing it…and really missed it.

I’ve never had my ISP service terminated, over what I do online.

Theoretically, they could…but I’m not objectively violating their terms of service…And I only tend to interact with people who’ve initiated an interaction with me…or in places where I know it will be welcome.

I may be stern regarding certain beliefs and behaviors…but I never abuse, threaten or harass other people…And when I do offer a volatilely expressed piece…it’s published in a setting, where it is aimed at nobody in particular.

My ISP is still taking my money…They’re still providing service, despite that it’s been declining in value for a long time [I’ve thought about leaving them.]…And they know what I do, yes…A certain nasty someone who works there, just could not contain himself.

All this…despite that they have a policy stating, if anyone causes them too much trouble, they may terminate services.

I keep to my own spaces for 99% of my activities, and only argue lesser volatile issues, when “live” on other services…So, I guess I’ve not caused them too much trouble [and no trouble at all, was my goal].

I’ve been “out” again at least since I started blogging…about ten years ago. I’ve registered and paid for a few relevant domains, under my legal name.

Being this open, has opened up the possibilities to do a lot more…I’m hoping to do more, still.

Ultimately…they can still find you, even if you do use proxies…I reached a point, where I left that false security blanket behind.

It’s been stressful, because for the past four to five years, bad people have known who I am and where I live…But, I’ve stayed the course in the face of this, because rewarding them with cowardly retreat and relenting, is the last thing we should be doing…

…I suppose some will call that courage…or foolishness…

…Maybe I’m just epically stubborn.

This is one danger we face…It’s not enjoyable…It will change you…not always for the best…It’s a prolonged “baptism of fire”, of sorts…and it will definitely expose what you are made of, as a human being.

Various people here have gone through this general experience…Some have freaked out…Some have come through it, and maintained their level headed decency…Some have become bitter and abusive.

The fundamental questions to ask before doing anything…are “what do you want to accomplish?”…and “is it worth it?”