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Like Monkeys at the Zoo…


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Date: September 29, 2016

01) ‘Child pornography’: US photographer’s exhibition in Moscow closes after controversy, protests

I read this news a day or so ago.

“Earlier, a man made it to into the building posing as a journalist and sprayed several of Sturges’s works with a mix of urine and acetone. The perpetrator was detained and charged with hooliganism.”

It is highly informative…whenever responses of the outraged, devolve to the level of throwing their own, bodily waste…when they encounter something they don’t like.

…Does this guy belong in a zoo exhibit, along with the other species which do the same?

I suggest…his actions are far more nasty, dangerous and offensive, than anything in that museum exhibit ever could have been.

Pictures and paintings of the naked child [or youth], have a long and deep history in the world of art…every bit as much, as that of naked adults.