The Untold Truth Of Nancy Grace…

Date: October 04, 2016

01) The Untold Truth Of Nancy Grace

“For better or worse, Nancy Grace has played a key role in shaping modern American punditry, with millions of viewers looking to her as a sort of abrasive moral compass. A self-described “crusader for victims rights,” Grace arguably created more than a few new victims herself, and she vowed to continue her work after leaving her top-rated HLN series in October 2015. You know what they say, though: judge not lest ye be judged yourself. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the untold truth of Nancy Grace…”

Suicides…shoddy, libel reporting…law suits, galore…a wide range of people [including employees] who hate her…possibly dishonesty, and exploiting her fiancé’s murder…

…and potentially, she farts like a mule…

…Why does none of this come off as a surprise to me?

Serious comment, though…

…This woman should be utterly ashamed of herself, for the way she’s spent years sensationalizing ongoing cases…in the worst ways, possible…

This person did not even behave like an actual show host…often attacking people, as though she were prosecuting a case on live television.

…You can tell when she “just knows” [or thinks she does] when someone is guilty…and she doesn’t even attempt to fake impartiality…and she is insanely ignorant…Which all lead to her incomprehensibly bad show.

…Did this woman ever watch herself, and comprehend what a train wreck she is?

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