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1337 Posts?…


Date: October 07, 2016

Several posts back, I was awarded this congratulatory badge from WordPress…


I have no idea what the significance of 1337 posts is, when it comes to milestones…

…But I humbly accept this congratulations…And besides…Who am I to refuse an opportunity to celebrate?!


What’s Been Going On:

a) I’ve been updating the In Self Defense Index page…Mostly just adding to the “Worthy Additions” section…which is a natural progression of the project, since a lot of my posting content on this blog could fit into ISD…It’s just kind of the way things have evolved.

Oh…I still write for ISD…In fact, I have nearly 30 posts from 2016 alone…which are being added to the main ISD index…It just takes a lot longer, when I want to narrate most of these posts.

b) I’m going to be bringing back my content from 2008, and I have a new Sub-Blog to feature it…This is my YouTube content, from EQvideo. I was surprised at how much of the raw text was kept…and how I have roughly 15 episodes of M.A. Today, that were only in their text phase…which means I can post them…as text, and narrated.

c) Another project that’s been in the works for about two years…I’m creating a website to introduce all of my Sub-Blogs [with a few exceptions]…It’s taken me forever, because I had to get one massive chore done, before I could get started on the website itself…Then came the third phase of recording the introductions…which I am presently in, though I’ve reached a point of burn out…So, I’m dragging my feet…and it’s frustrating.

You can check out the website here

d) Oh…and last…the October thing…

…I’m a huge geek for this time of year…And I admit the 34 [or so] posts I scheduled for the October series, may be a bit of overkill…But I limited it to roughly one per day, when I could have done considerably more…

I know it changes the atmosphere of the blog substantially…And I hope this doesn’t get in the way, too much…Just ignore whatever of the October series, that doesn’t appeal to you…and humor my festiveness.

I may, or may not, pepper in a few other things…We shall see.

Take care friends!

Steve Diamond