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Pedophilia is Wrong! Response (MattsFTR)…


Date: October 08, 2016

01) Pedophilia is Wrong! Response (mattsftr)

“Ep.2 of The Uneducated Debunked (omni style), starring in the whole show and the producer, omnipolitics16.

Details of debunked video:
Mattsftr, a guy who rather live until age 30 and die of diseases that could of been preventable then be sexually attracted to kids. god damn, people rather have shorten lives than be attracted to children. my god, if that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is. but this is my response to mattsftr’s video on pedophilia being “Wrong” and also debunking the points he made. he is more open minded then Paul Retard Watson, but still have a mind of your average uneducated American on the subject of pedophilia. well, this is what my channel is for.”

Ah…It’s MattsFTR…He discovered us a number of years back.

…Trying to argue we are bad people, for “having a mental disorder”…

Putting aside the quagmire, of establishing an orientation [or attraction] as being “a mental disorder”…

…There is also the problem of conflating an orientation [or attraction], with someone’s ethical character…or their ability to assess circumstances, and arrive on a good course of action.

Some people naively believe that if you are just “moral enough”, you will never have these kinds of attractions in the first place.

…It’s like they think “because you have an immoral mind, you set out searching for this”…

Many people have this orientation…But you’ll never know about it, because they never admit to it…And nobody attacks them for it, or considers them a problem…

…Others of us acknowledge and embrace it…because we cannot bare to live at odds with this part of ourselves, any longer.

From personal experience…it is entirely moral embracing my pedophilia…as opposed to allowing the social struggle to consume me, or drive me to a psychological breakdown.

People often don’t seem to understand the necessary balance in all of this.

…I’ve seen a Minor Attracted Person be pushed past their limits, and spiral out of control…I know this is a real thing…And I know why.

Embracing your pedophilia is critical…If you are one, it is imperative that you do this…It’s the only way you can learn to live with it…and have a reasonably decent life.

It is fully right, moral and ethical…for a pedophile to do this.

Other Thoughts:

I was going to imply that many people consider “pedophilia” to be a mental disorder, “on the grounds that it’s not socially common, as an activity of the majority”…

….And while I think this does cut to the crux, of why most people have a knee jerk reaction to it [because if it were common, it would not be treated badly like this]…

…it’s wrong of me to fail acknowledging, that more thoughtful people put forward the “undeveloped child” argument…when arguing that “it’s wrong”…”it’s immoral”…”it’s a mental disorder”…

I would say to this…a few things…

…First…it is dishonest to compartmentalize human sexuality, into rigid, physical phases of life.

Many of us…particularly amongst males…we had our strongest, most intense sexuality, drive and inclinations, years before we even became legally entitled to have sex.

Some of us literally look back upon our childhood and teens…and recognize it as the most amazing sexual period of our lives…And we consider it a true tragedy, for anyone [including ourselves] to have lost out on that…Because once that is over…you may have a few legal years at your sexual peek…but it’s all downhill, after that.

By legal standards…the best years of male sexuality, are made criminal…And that is truly offensive…it is cruel…it is inhumane.

…Second…even if the brain does continue to develop until 25 years of age…how could anyone conclusively argue, that this precludes a natural need for sexual activity? These two things don’t honestly have a whole lot to do with each other.

We are biological organisms…animals…It’s in our biological makeup, to have sex…There is no magical switch that gets flipped, where this drive is suddenly turned on…It’s just there at various levels…like it is for other animals.

The development of your brain doesn’t make a whole lot of difference…It’s just blown up into this social conundrum…I would suggest, primarily, because this “argument” is convenient for those who just don’t want young people having sex…But to be fair…many people are hung up on extreme risk avoidance…and they’ve placed a level of importance on brain development, which it honestly does not warrant.

Fine…Yes…I’m expressing a personal opinion, as a non-expert on matters of the brain…

…But I have common sense…and I can look around me, and see what is truly going on in the world…And I know that this “brain underdevelopment” does nothing to stop 18 year olds [and in some places, younger] from getting married and having children of their own…a full 7 years [most of a decade] before they reach their alleged “full mental development”…And they are often lauded as good people, who have their act together…”They’re on the right path.”

…So…let’s not pretend that society doesn’t pull out these “arguments” wherever it’s convenient…while completely turning a blind eye, wherever the situation in question fits a socially normal narrative.

…Third, and final…Pedophilia [hebephilia and ephebophilia] has been around throughout recorded human history…It appears fair to say, that this is an evolutionary trait…and that it serves some kind of survival advantage…even if we only consider, that “pedophiles” may be a safe, natural pacifier for childhood sexuality…so children can move through those years of their life, without the worry [for example] of unwanted pregnancy…or death in child birth.

I really wish like hell…that people would stop denying, what we already know…what has already been established and proven, time and again…about natural, human sexuality.

…A lot of the problem and headache, stems from human sexuality deniers…People who adamantly deny, what is even blatant and obvious.

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Date: October 08, 2016

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