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Pedophilia Is Wrong! 2: Response…


Date: October 09, 2016

01) Pedophilia Is Wrong! 2: Response

“Note: This video took a really long time to edit and create, so I might of have left out some points and replaced with shitty ones, tell which one in the comments are like that and I will fix them in my next video. and also, i forgot to write the script and rebuttals the day before today but ended up being lazy and just freestyling what was on my mind in the time of the recording, and when i freestyle my mindset without a script or planned rebuttal i forget some points. I even also should state that since this video took like 3 hours to edit because of movie maker, and would of been longer if i added in most of my evidence, some evidence pointing to my claims are not shown, which if you go watch cart o graph he will explain everything to you guys.

Cart O graph:

A Response to Mattsftr’s video on pedophilia being “wrong”, but omni style. starring in the whole show and the producer, omnipolitics16.

Details of debunked video:
Mattsftr, a guy who rather live until age 30 and die of diseases that could of been preventable then be sexually attracted to kids. god damn, people rather have shorten lives than be attracted to children. my god, if that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is. but this is my response to mattsftr’s video on pedophilia being “Wrong” and also debunking the points he made. he is more open minded then Paul Retard Watson, but still have a mind of your average uneducated American on the subject of pedophilia. well, this is what my channel is for.”

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