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Bad Education…

Date: October 10, 2016

01) Flying Inn Hangout #3 “Bad Education”

“Do America’s problems lie in its education? Join us to answer the following questions:

1. Has our education system gone wrong?
2. How should we organize it? (public, private, homeschool, etc.…)
3. What should be taught?”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer [HD]…


Date: October 10, 2016

01) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer [HD]

“In theaters November 2016!”

Since they’ve previously refused to cast non-British actors in this series…it will be interesting to see how it changes things, now that it’s expanding to a setting in the USA.


Amy Hennig Calls AAA Development An Unwinnable Arms Race…


Date: October 10, 2016

01) Amy Hennig Calls AAA Development An Unwinnable Arms Race

A game doesn’t have to be everything to everyone, in order to be good.

Moving backwards may be the way of the future…Games that focus on doing one [or a few] things really well, may be the best strategy. There needs to be differentiation.

Some of my most favorite games of all time [Sid Meyers Pirates!…Daggerfall…the SSI AD&D games…] were unique in the industry, during their life span…They brought something to the table, nobody else did.

…That is what’s missing, today…There are not very many standouts.

With so many different groups in this industry…it feels like there is too much saturation…in a market where most people don’t have the expendable cash, anymore.

…And it’s like they mostly want to produce interactive movies…They drive budgets through the roof…demanding that the product be a massive hit.

You know what I miss?…Amongst other things…I badly miss Final Fantasy IV to VI [or Suikoden 1 & 2] style RPGs…from the stylistic presentation, to the game engine…to the storyline quality…

Nobody serves the video game niche I miss the most.

…And for the most part…I’m just unexcited, about what’s going on in the industry…It’s part of why they get so little of my money, anymore.

That may seem counterintuitive…Why have this series if I’m uninterested, after all?…

…I just mean, I’ve not bought a modern, new system in many years…I barely set foot in game stores, anymore…And I haven’t even been averaging one new release purchase, yearly.

…The last new release I purchased, was Fallout 4…It was only a month ago that I finally decided to fund my Steam account, so that I can get the expansions…And I’ve still not signed into my account, to do that…despite purchasing the card.

I like reminiscing…and talking about the game industry, still.


Transgenderism: Is It Real?…


Date: October 10, 2016

01) Can Men Lactate?

02) A Second Source

Some people get really enthusiastic about denying transgenderism…and seem obsessed with the pursuit of disproving it.

…I’m not one of those people…

Some people are highly energetic about pushing transgenderism…and maybe even think it’s their life calling, to validate it.

…Again…I’m not one of those people…

…I’m just someone who observes with an open mind…trying to arrive at an objective, respectful [and respect worthy] response to it all.

I don’t believe the world [or any country, for that matter] is coming to an end, because a tiny minority of people wish to change physical aspects of their body, and wear certain clothing…And I think it’s just nonsensical, when people try to smear this group.

…Likewise…I’m uncomfortable with it, when people start aggressively trying to micro-dictate everything about this issue, in modern society…some even trying to liken transgender rights, to black civil rights…And they paint you into such a small corner, that you’re left wondering what isn’t a perceived slight against them…

I support that transgendered people deserve their rights and dignity…It’s their business, if they want to modify themselves…or wear certain clothing…And from a social standpoint, I try to leave it at that.

…I’m a bit more intrigued with the biological, scientific side of things…Where exactly is the line, that separates male from female?…Can it be identified?…And how blurred is it?

I respectfully disagree with those people, who adamantly claim it’s all a question of physical genitalia…because we now know much more about chemical biology…and about what tends to make us more/less feminine or masculine…And it’s about far more, than whether you have a penis or vagina.

With that in mind…I offer the following, I happened to stumble across…

“human biology also makes male lactation a possibility.

For both women and men, breast tissue contains hollow cavities called alveoli, which are lined with milk-secreting cells. But the critical determinant of lactation is prolactin, a hormone that’s produced by the pituitary gland and stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk.

Normally, non-pregnant women can have almost double the amount of prolactin circulating in their body than men, according to the National Institutes of Health. This concentration can spike by nearly tenfold during and after pregnancy.

Research has shown that male prolactin levels can also surge, according to a 2008 review on male lactation published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution.”

What is the relevance?…

…For those who don’t already know…A human will develop into female or male, based upon the hormone levels they are exposed to while in the womb. Female is the default status…If you don’t get enough testosterone, you won’t develop male parts…You will physically be female…

…But we know, that not everybody gets the exact same balance of exposures in the womb…We know that development is not equal, across the board.

…So…what happens when a female gets enough exposure to testosterone to change her…but not enough to make her grow a penis?…And likewise…what happens to a male, when he’s had only enough exposure to testosterone, to make him develop physical male traits, when he’s mostly been exposed to estrogen?

Is it so unthinkable…that people develop brains [a body chemistry, or whatever], that is more traditionally associated with the opposite sex?

It seems to me…how we are developed in the womb, is a perfect recipe for producing a wide range of biological diversity…And I see the questioning of sex identity, as a direct consequence of this

Now…from a social standpoint…we’ve always had feminine men and masculine women…and people ranging all over the spectrum…

To my mind…nothing has really changed…and it’s not really a big deal…It’s just that people are trying to put a lexicon to this…and they’re trying to give it a social narrative, which assimilates it [in it’s most stark manifestations] into “normal” culture.

…I don’t push any agenda, here…I just observe what is happening with this issue, without judgment…And since the struggles of minorities [and how we treat each other] certainly are within the scope of this blog…I consider it appropriate to post here.

As of the past several months…I’ve been exploring this issue…That is all.


Why rape should be legalized…


Date: October 10, 2016

01) Why rape should be legalized

“This is why rape should be legalized people, hope you enjoyed the video. i strongly believe that woman are lesser than a man because of these 5 reasons. because girls were made to fix men sandwiches or show tits for my sanctification. people should follow this video.

(The video was a joke if any of you haven’t figured that out.)”

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