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Where the Reactions of Sex Abuse Victims Go Very Wrong…

Date: October 19, 2016


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I’m more interested in the comment of Bobbi Parish, than that of Captain Janeway…

…But I acknowledge Nigel’s pointing out, that just because someone is labeled “sexually abused”, doesn’t mean that mental illness is likely in their personal circumstances.

In some cases…”sexual abuse” means nothing more, than consensual sex which is socially reviled.

…Those cases are not unlike how they talked about [and mistreated] homosexuals, a few decades ago…They are framed in such a way, that it psychologically debases their legitimacy…and it makes it very hard to change things…or talk about them, in consistency with how they actually are.

“I want all survivors to understand that most of their reactions to abuse are perfectly normal and NOT disordered or wrong” – Bobbi Parish

I cannot speak to all manner of reactions [and behaviors] of self identified abuse survivors…

…But I can say there is one general type of behavior, I wish the abuse survivor community would recognize, own up to…and work to correct.

It’s like an endless onslaught…

…Just about anywhere a Minor Attracted Person [MAP] makes an appearance…you find self identified “abuse survivors” [along with other assorted fanatics], piling on just to threaten and abuse the MAP.

Sometimes this goes all the way to libeling…or even graphic, terroristic death threats.

I witness this kind of behavior pretty much all the time…And not much has changed, since the time when I was more active in MAP issues.

There are no circumstances at all, where that kind of behavior is acceptable.

In my reasonable opinion…some of these cases should be eligible for criminal prosecution…”Abuse survivors” should not get a free pass, just because they have some false belief they are entitled to do it.

This is something the abuse survivor community needs to address, and bring to heel…

…We MAPs are not out here for the purpose of providing anyone, with a jolly ol time of sadistic bashing and tormenting.

…You have no right to treat us as anything less, than dignified, sincere and decent human beings.