Todd Nickerson’s Dark Room interview…

Date: October 19, 2016

01) Episode #44 -Todd Nickerson

“They are arguably the most stigmatized group in our midst: pedophiles. The mere mention of them often evokes apprehension and even disgust, thought at once to be violators of the young and destroyers of innocence.

Paul and Jordan talk to pedophile, Todd Nickerson, about what life has been like since publicly admitting his troubling proclivity for children and why, as someone committed to never acting on his sexual desires, he rejects being called a “monster.” Despite intense societal opposition, Todd, through writing and advocacy, is intent on dispelling the myth that all pedophiles are criminals.”

1 thought on “Todd Nickerson’s Dark Room interview…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    A few parts are grating on the nerves…especially the last approximately 3 minutes, where they are wrapping up the show…But I thought this was pretty decent.

    I also appreciate the distinction “pro contactors” aren’t necessarily breaking any laws…Though I do wish there had been more of a concession thrown to us…After all…we are not evil, for arriving at this conclusion…a conclusion which has come from many years of careful consideration.

    We view the extreme interference of the state…and it’s often ruthless, disproportioned reaction to what took place, to be monstrous and unconscionable.

    You want to get abuse out of the equation?….First start by taking a critical look at the state, and the people behind it’s initiatives…what they are doing…and what it’s real world effect has been.

    You cannot eradicate pedophilia, nor sexually active children [and youth]…It’s time for the state to start acting humanely, in the real world.

    I thought the question about little people [dwarfs] as an alternative, was an interesting question…and it would have likely prompted me to talk about my thoughts on David Bennett during the eighties…

    Never say never…but I couldn’t see myself with a dwarf, sexually…

    I wanted to make comment on a few other things…but I forget what they were.


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