My Interest In Other People’s Social Injustices…

Date: October 26, 2016

I recently received an inquiry, related to my following of an account [on Twitter] which focuses on the “troubled youth industry”. Twitter was experiencing an internal problem, so I could not respond…I’ll share here what I was going to express.

I have a general interest in the various institutionalized ways, in which humans treat each other wretchedly. This spans a wide range of topics, a wide range of thoughts, a wide range of behaviors and a wide range of character types. This is a personal drive, rooted in my own life and history.

I am a Minor Attracted Person [MAP…a homosexual pedophile, to be exact]…who had a “growing up gay” kind of experience in a deeply religious setting. As a youth, I faced the same troubles associated with homosexual minorities…including suicidal tendencies and social alienation.

There was never any fitting support structure for this…When I came online in my late twenties, I quickly discovered other people like me…and became driven to help build and maintain such a structure.

I’ve been out here for almost 20 years, now. Whereas I used to focus on accurate understanding of human sexuality [and related issues], in a world which demonizes it…I’ve broadened my focus, to highlight bad situations in general…which could benefit from people talking it out, and having a goodwill dialogue.

I hold a tremendous amount of empathy for those who are judged and maltreated, not for how they’ve lived their lives, but for how people suspect they’ve lived their lives…It kills me to know what all happens to good people…and how our social system is set up to allow them to fall through the cracks, of social protections for this type of thing.

The older I get…the more anarchist I become…and the more “Pink Floyd” minded I become…

The system and structure is too invasive…There are too many fanatics in the system, who lack the introspect to realize when they’ve crossed a critical line…They proudly preach an “us versus them” message…and don’t care about the trail of devastation they leave in their wake.

A lot of “good people” have done monstrous things, based on a phobia or an ideology…because we live in a culture that says it’s okay, to accuse others of “causing the destruction of our world”…based upon the flimsiest of excuses.

To add to this a bit:

Of course…I have a general interest in the positive things of this world, also…and how people treat each other well…And we need to see those things also, to keep ourselves from falling into despair.

Life isn’t all doom and gloom…

…It’s just that certain types of doom and gloom, need a lot more people recognizing them for what they are…and standing in solidarity against them…

So much bad is being allowed to happen…because so few people even understand it’s happening…Or worse still…people believe the victims of it “deserve it”.

It’s time to shift that ill paradigm, to something socially humane and decent.

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