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DDOS against BoyChat…

Date: October 31, 2016

01) For those who may not have Tor

“There was a particularly heavy DDOS against BoyChat on Friday, and it seems that our colocation host is now blocking traffic to BoyChat’s specific IP address. The good news is that that means that our other services can now go on unimpeded, while the bad news is that “boychat.org” currently goes nowhere.” – Maintenance Elf

Thanks Baldur…

MAPs Have Rights to Ask Questions and Seek Clarity…

Date: October 31, 2016

Something I should have addressed in this post…is something dealing with dialogue between MAPs and self identified victims.

There aren’t any established rules specific to this…But it’s important to be able to recognize manipulative behaviors, in these kinds of exchanges…and understand what is going on, so that it does not throw you off.

Some may recall that [in the post linked above] another MAP was accused of asking a victim to detail their sexual abuse…An accusation couched in the presumption, that his motivation [and only motivation] is that he wanted a story to masturbate to.

“To things like you stories of horrific assaults are just wank material for you. Hell one of your pedophile friends on you YouTube channel asked a victim to detail her sexual abuse. I guess watching kids get raped on Tor doesn’t get him hard anymore.”

This certainly did not happen at any YouTube account of mine…and I don’t know where this alleged exchange took place on YouTube…So, I cannot give any meaningful comment, regarding the nature of it…And as I’ve said before…the track records of people who behave like “CW / TheSith”, are quite terrible. They’re usually quite liberal about throwing around accusations, without having any substantiation for what they are claiming.

I’ve seen this specific game play out, any number of times before…

…When attacked and interrogated by an irate person…an astute MAP may very well try to get a clear understanding, of just exactly what happened to the person attacking them…That MAP may then be further able, to explain how their ethics and behavior differs from what happened to the person attacking them.

In civil discourse…this sort of thing is common practice.

If you are a MAP doing this…you’ll find that there are people who will want to distort your efforts, and twist your intent, in order to make it sound like something nefarious.

…In short…they are just people who are out to pick a fight…Knowingly, or out of ignorance…they will get as underhanded as they please.

It is important to understand what they are doing…And it is also important, to not allow them to emotionally manipulate you. Stay calm…Point out and dissect what they are doing, so that onlookers can understand and see it…And correct them, in their errors.

Don’t ever allow people who behave like that, to control the mood or direction of any exchange with you.

MAPs have the right, to know what they are dealing with:

I’m sorry if certain topics of discussion are emotional to certain people…

…But if people are going to plop down accusations out there, or throw them into our faces…then we MAPs have every right to investigate further, what we are addressing in the moment.

If you attempt to equate myself, and what I stand for, with an experience you describe as “rape” or “abuse”…then I demand that you provide clarity, regarding your own experience and what you are talking about.

There will be no debasing of my efforts, by people imposing unclear accusations upon it…

…And I strongly suggest, that no other MAP accept any less of a standard…

Stand up for yourself, and the value of your experience…MAPs have as much right to function in a clear setting, as everybody else.

No apologies to anyone…There is nothing to apologize for, when demanding that things be how they are supposed to be.

Civil rights groups: Facebook should protect, not censor, human rights issues…

Date: October 31, 2016

01) Civil rights groups: Facebook should protect, not censor, human rights issues

“A coalition of more than 70 civil rights groups have written to Facebook demanding that the company clarifies its policies for removing content and alleging that it has repeatedly removed posts documenting human rights violations.


“When the most vulnerable members of society turn to your platform to document and share experiences of injustice, Facebook is morally obligated to protect that speech,” said the letter.”