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Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men’s Rights Activists…

Date: October 28, 2016

01) Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men’s Rights Activists (Part 1 of 2)

“Cassie Jaye (Filmmaker, “The Red Pill”) joins Dave Rubin to discuss her views on feminism, Men’s Rights Activists, and her experience making her documentary “The Red Pill.”

Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men’s Rights Activists (Part 2 of 2):

What Is Going On In Toronto?!: Why Hate Speech Should Not Be Illegal…

Date: October 27, 2016

For the sake of clarity…let me reiterate that I deplore hate speech…

…And when I say hate speech…I am not talking about disagreements, or things which upset someone’s unreasonable hypersensitivity…

…I’m talking about speech which is made to dehumanize people, to demonize people, to destroy people…and to maintain a social order, that keeps people trapped in that status…making it seem like “it’s only right” to do such.

You not find a group in the modern era, which is being more devastated by hate speech than Minor Attracted People [MAPs]…This is an extremely personal issue…

…But I’m no fool…and I know the “justice” system is just a tool of those in power…It’s often incompetent to fulfil it’s stated purpose…You cannot trust it [or the people within it], to regulate expression of common social attitude.

I’ve always condemned the idea of bringing the law into this…precisely because of the fear, of what is currently happening in Toronto.

Canada may not be the USA…But we have these same sorts of groups down here, chomping at the bit to take hate speech laws and use it against others, like a club against the head, to force people into silence and submission…over disagreement with reasonable ideas they discuss.

These people are not about stopping hate speech…Their aggression and grievance, has nothing at all to do with combating hate speech.

What we witness below…is a combination of ignorance, arrogance, power tripping, un-empathetic pettiness…and a disingenuous abuse of the law…quite possibly mental illness, in addition.

In one of the comments section…at least one person expressed the opinion that “hate speech is not a real thing”…They’re free to say that…but here is the point…

It’s the kind of arrogant foolishness on display in these videos, by young people who are clearly orchestrating a fraudulent claim against Professor Jordan B. Peterson…which hijacks the very integrity of hate speech law away.

…If hate speech law cannot exist in an absolutely scrupulous status…then we have nothing but a dangerous Pandora’s Box on our hands, anywhere hate speech law exists.

In addition…people like these give substantial fodder, to those who dispute that hate speech is a real social issue.

Over their petty whining…about notions that they don’t like being called “he” or “she”, while demanding to be called “zee” [or any of a long grocery list of newly invented pronouns, few people are familiar with]…these sorts of people are further hurting those of us, who literally are being devastated by venomous hate speech.

To this group of tantrum throwers, I say…The world does not wrap around your little finger, anymore than it has mine…You are going to have to learn the hard lesson, that behavior like yours always comes back to bite you hard. Established culture is the stone we chip away at, often over a lifetime…in hopes of forming something a bit more tolerable, honest and fair for all…

…It’s not something that collapses to the floor bowing to you, just because you’ve arrived on the scene and don’t like it.

You Know Where This Is Leading?:

People like these are what are being referred to…when political discussion turns to the term “useful idiots”…They are the unintellectual, shortsighted, emotionally unhappy brawn, which forces social upheaval…social breakdown, frankly…And in their wake, the worst opportunists emerge to strip us of everything they can.

…Does anyone imagine…that if grievances over “my chosen pronouns” are to be taken seriously, in the realm of hate speech law…that this is somehow the final destination of hate speech law?

On the course we are currently headed…I predict the day is coming…when even the USA starts throwing people into prison, for merely discussing certain topics.

…This is especially alarming as a MAP…Because we are likely to be amongst the first targeted victims, in the future expansion of hate speech law.

…That law will continue to ignore the brazen hate speech inflicted upon us…while purporting that the mere discussion of our social issues, is “hate speech against children”…because of some foolish lie, that our speech “threatens the safety of children”.

…I hope I am wrong…I hope we never arrive there…But that is the direction we are currently moving in…the day when you can be thrown into a prison cell, because someone doesn’t like what you have to say.

…I think we are being primed, for the return of heresy trials.

01) PhD gives up trying to reason with SJWs

“Jordan B. Peterson is a tenured research and clinical PhD psychologist who currently teaches at the University of Toronto. His research interests include self-deception, mythology, religion, narrative, neuroscience, personality, deception, creativity, intelligence and motivation.”


U Toronto Requests my Silence:

My response:

U of Toronto responds to my overture: THE DEBATE IS ON!!!!!:

Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech:

Jack Chick Dies…

Date: October 27, 2016

Jack Chick, creator and owner of Chick Tracts, died on October 23, 2016 at age 92.

01) The Infamous Jack Chick Dies

“Jack Chick, infamous author of Dark Dungeons a comic that kicked off the literal witch and demon hunting of RPG players that began in the 80’s and still persists to this day, has died.”

Who was Jack Chick? – HowStuffWorks NOW:

02) Christian cartoon tract creator Jack Chick dies at 92

“LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jack T. Chick, whose cartoon tracts preached fundamentalist Christianity while vilifying secular society, evolution, homosexuality, and the beliefs of Catholics and Muslims, has died. He was 92.”

Oh, I absolutely remember Chick Tracts…They could be extremely messed up. They were all about fundamentalist Christian indoctrination.

One church my family attended…there was this entire wrack on the wall, filled with these things.

They were pushed as a way of converting non-believers.

I had forgotten about the Dungeons & Dragons thing…But yes…During the 80’s, this was a major panic going through the fundamentalist Christian church.

A memory I’ve shared before on this…is the time my dad made us throw a Christmas gift from our aunt and uncle, into the fireplace…It was the old Dungeons & Dragons board game [Hasbro, I think]…Burnt the entire thing up.

I was a bit cross over that…because I seriously wanted to learn how to play it…It intrigued me, but I never had a chance to play it.

I didn’t realize it was Jack who started that “Dungeons & Dragons is of the devil” lie…probably because I was so young at the time.

…Thanks a lot, Jack…

Anonymous Hacker Officially Charged for Boston Hospital DDoS Attacks…


Date: October 27, 2016

01) Anonymous Hacker Officially Charged for Boston Hospital DDoS Attacks

“US authorities have officially charged Martin Gottesfeld, 32, of Somerville, Massachusetts, for launching DDoS attacks against Boston Children’s Hospital and the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, a mental illness treatment facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Gottesfeld tried to flee the US for Cuba

Gottesfeld and other members of the Anonymous collective decided to start a cyber-war against Boston Children’s Hospital, and later attacked other medical institutions, which in their eyes, provided incorrect medical treatment to teens suffering from mental diseases.

The DDoS attacks against the two medical institutions named in the official charges took place in October 2014, and caused damages of $618,000 combined.”

So…this spineless, cowardly Anonymous hero promptly soiled himself and ran, the moment he actually had to own what he had done…


…These sorts overcompensate, when they believe they’re in a setting which greatly favors themselves…But it’s when they have to take a real stand, that their true colors shine through…

…They put on their disguise and run, run, run!

They are ideologues, who don’t know what it is even like to live in the real world…They just think they can screw over other people, based on a sense of self entitled virtue superiority.

I about fell over, when I read the reasoning behind this Anonymous attack [on a children’s hospital, for crying out loud!]…

…So, these fools who troll the internet searching for people to screw over…Generally speaking, they stumble across things they read [watch or hear] online…They decide they know better, than the people actually involved in the case [despite that they usually have utterly nothing to do with the case, themselves]…They become morally outraged, then plot and execute an attack.

Right there is a good analysis of Anonymous.

These incompetent idiots attacked a children’s hospital…

…These are exactly the sorts of people who belong in prison.


My Interest In Other People’s Social Injustices…

Date: October 26, 2016

I recently received an inquiry, related to my following of an account [on Twitter] which focuses on the “troubled youth industry”. Twitter was experiencing an internal problem, so I could not respond…I’ll share here what I was going to express.

I have a general interest in the various institutionalized ways, in which humans treat each other wretchedly. This spans a wide range of topics, a wide range of thoughts, a wide range of behaviors and a wide range of character types. This is a personal drive, rooted in my own life and history.

I am a Minor Attracted Person [MAP…a homosexual pedophile, to be exact]…who had a “growing up gay” kind of experience in a deeply religious setting. As a youth, I faced the same troubles associated with homosexual minorities…including suicidal tendencies and social alienation.

There was never any fitting support structure for this…When I came online in my late twenties, I quickly discovered other people like me…and became driven to help build and maintain such a structure.

I’ve been out here for almost 20 years, now. Whereas I used to focus on accurate understanding of human sexuality [and related issues], in a world which demonizes it…I’ve broadened my focus, to highlight bad situations in general…which could benefit from people talking it out, and having a goodwill dialogue.

I hold a tremendous amount of empathy for those who are judged and maltreated, not for how they’ve lived their lives, but for how people suspect they’ve lived their lives…It kills me to know what all happens to good people…and how our social system is set up to allow them to fall through the cracks, of social protections for this type of thing.

The older I get…the more anarchist I become…and the more “Pink Floyd” minded I become…

The system and structure is too invasive…There are too many fanatics in the system, who lack the introspect to realize when they’ve crossed a critical line…They proudly preach an “us versus them” message…and don’t care about the trail of devastation they leave in their wake.

A lot of “good people” have done monstrous things, based on a phobia or an ideology…because we live in a culture that says it’s okay, to accuse others of “causing the destruction of our world”…based upon the flimsiest of excuses.

To add to this a bit:

Of course…I have a general interest in the positive things of this world, also…and how people treat each other well…And we need to see those things also, to keep ourselves from falling into despair.

Life isn’t all doom and gloom…

…It’s just that certain types of doom and gloom, need a lot more people recognizing them for what they are…and standing in solidarity against them…

So much bad is being allowed to happen…because so few people even understand it’s happening…Or worse still…people believe the victims of it “deserve it”.

It’s time to shift that ill paradigm, to something socially humane and decent.