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Dear Dennis…

Date: November 29, 2016

01) Just Say “Merry Christmas”

“Should Americans wish each other “Happy holidays” or “Merry Christmas”? Should an office “Christmas party” be called a “holiday party” so that it’s more inclusive? Dennis Prager answers these questions and more in this short video.”

Dennis…I can generally respect much of what you do, even when I disagree with you…

…But would you please get off the “war on Christmas” kick?

Everybody knows, it’s nothing but a fabricated “threat”, made up to spook old ladies and simple minded fanatics.

“Happy Holidays” is absolutely not something new…and it’s a perfectly wonderful statement, to cover all of the holidays happening in a short window of time.

“Holiday Party” is not new, either…And I’m certain I’ve heard people speak of vacations in the winter as…well…winter vacations.

Point is…none of this is new.

I don’t believe I will be changing my normal behavior on this.

…But okay, Dennis…Merry Christmas…just for you.

I think for most of us…this is not an issue at all…except for the fact, that some fanatics are forcing it to be one.

PIZZAGATE Exposed as Malicious Hoax…

Date: November 29, 2016

01) Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking

“Days before the presidential election, James Alefantis, owner of a local pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong, noticed an unusual spike in the number of his Instagram followers.

Within hours, menacing messages like “we’re on to you” began appearing in his Instagram feed. In the ensuing days, hundreds of death threats — one read “I will kill you personally” — started arriving via texts, Facebook and Twitter. All of them alleged something that made Mr. Alefantis’s jaw drop: that Comet Ping Pong was the home base of a child abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief, John D. Podesta.

When Mr. Alefantis discovered that his employees were getting similar abusive messages, he looked online to unravel the accusations. He found dozens of made-up articles about Mrs. Clinton kidnapping, molesting and trafficking children in the restaurant’s back rooms. The articles appeared on Facebook and on websites such as The New Nationalist and The Vigilant Citizen, with one headline blaring: “Pizzagate: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite.”

02) ‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people

“SOME OF the people can be fooled all of the time, and some seem plenty pleased about it when it gives them license to exercise their most malicious impulses. How else to explain the noxious torrent of vitriol, venom and threats trained recently against a popular upper Northwest Washington pizzeria, which has been the subject of ludicrous conspiracy theories alleging that it is the center of a child – abuse racket run by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta?

The allegations against Comet Ping Pong, reported by the New York Times, are absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact. They took root in the dark crevices of the Web and took flight thanks to social media platforms, whose witless “who, us?” posture in the face of misinformation and outright lunacy is a civic embarrassment.”

A follow up to this post.

Apparently, if You Discuss Barron Trump Via Video, You Are ‘Going After’ Him?…

Date: November 29, 2016

01) Rosie O’Donnell Suggests Trump’s Son Has Autism

“Rosie O’Donnell recently retweeted a video speculating that Trump’s 10-year-old son has autism.”

If you are going to make a public stink about something like this…would you please care enough to at least be in the right, before you go off?

I’ve appreciated The Young Turks in the past…but watching their integrity crumble lately, has gotten to be too much for me to stomach.

…And I know, they are an opinion program…I don’t want to over state their relevance…But good grief!…

…You should at least get the basic facts correct…

The original video may be uncomfortable for some people, who have trouble interpreting meaning and intent behind a video with “#StopTheBullying” in it’s title…

…But it’s starkly clear, that it absolutely is not what Cenk and Ana are trying to claim it to be.

It looks like this wont be left up long…


Original Video in Question:
Is Barron Trump Autistic? #StopTheBullying

Having watched the video in question a few days ago, I genuinely found it informative.

Anyone who watches the full video has no excuse, to not realize the creators intent was to defend the boy, and deflect the people being nasty towards him.

It is an objectively commendable act.

Even if some people think it’s awkward, there’s no justification in claiming anyone is “going after” the boy.

That’s just a complete and total distortion.

I felt this video was tasteful enough, to save it for possible posting here.

…I would have never even considered doing such, if it had been what Cenk and Ana claim.

Initiative to take your free speech: #GamerGate is #NichtEgal…

Date: November 29, 2016

01) Initiative to take your free speech: #GamerGate is #NichtEgal

Here we go…legislation of “decency” on the internet…

If we were to list everything wrong with such a thing…we’d be going on forever.

I think Kraut and Tea is correct…and he outlines why so many of us have a visceral, gut reaction to all of these recent “hate speech” laws, regulations, rules and initiatives.

On the one hand…so many of these, and the people behind them, are frauds on their face…Because not only do they fail to accurately define and combat hate speech…but they are also an authoritarian push to strip people of their right, and will, to speak out.

It’s about normalizing the extreme punishment of people, for expressing things.

…And it’s staggering to witness the ignorance in these people…who think they are righteous heroes, for releasing this speech strangling plague upon us.

In reality…this is about little more than controlling what gets expressed on the internet, with an iron fist.

It is outright alarming, coming to the realization of how many people out there want an internet, that only reflects their own narrow outlook on life…And they don’t mind stomping all over people who are different from themselves, just to get it.

This is not what the internet is for, or about.

…The internet is not a tool, for those seeking to live in a bubble.

Even if that is your aspiration…anyone can create “safe space” resources on the internet…They can have their closed and restricted internet worlds, without any trouble at all…

…They don’t need the open minded, explorative, expressive, artistic, human spaces that the rest of us inhabit, as well.

If they can’t “feel safe” until everyone they disagree with is run off the internet…then these sorts don’t belong on the internet.


Reveal: A welfare check…

Date: November 28, 2016

01) A welfare check

UPDATE, Nov. 26, 2016: With Republicans in full control of the federal government, there’s a good chance welfare reform will be an issue they may take on. In anticipation of that, it is worth taking another look at what’s worked and what hasn’t. An updated version of the original episode can be heard below.

Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton vowed to end welfare as we know it. And he did.

One of the biggest changes to come out of the 1996 welfare reform law was that that the federal government handed over control of $16.5 billion to the states, in the form of block grants, to spend as they see fit. Today, only a quarter of welfare dollars actually goes toward basic assistance – housing, transportation or essential household items.

On this hour of Reveal, we take a road trip with Marketplace’s new podcast “The Uncertain Hour” and find out the surprising ways different states use this money.”

Revolutionary to Democratic Socialism: From V.I. Lenin to Bernie Sanders…

Date: November 28, 2016

01) Revolutionary to Democratic Socialism: From V.I. Lenin to Bernie Sanders

“Author and organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation Brian Becker discusses their latest book, Imperialism in the 21st Century: Updating Lenin’s Theory a Century Later. We talked about Lenin’s theory of imperialism and its relationship to the world today, differences between revolutionary and democratic socialism and the 2016 presidential election.”