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Why Pedophilia isn’t wrong…


Date: November 03, 2016

I have to say at least one thing…and I should have said something about this, previously…

Just because I feature a MAPs media here, does not mean I endorse everything he or she says.

In a previous video, Omnipolitics16 expresses an opinion that it’s okay for an adult to penetrate a child. I strongly disagree with that, particularly as relates to small children.

Omnipolitics16 is self described as exploring and learning about these issues…As with any other MAP…I’m not going to ignore him, just because I think he is wrong on some things. – Steve

01) Why Pedophilia isn’t wrong

“This video is part 1 of why pedophilia isn’t wrong, in this video, i state 3 reasons (from knowledge put to the best of my ability) why pedophilia isn’t wrong. only one of these reasons are the 5 main reasons why i support it and i am an advocate for it. i only stated one main reason, but in later videos/parts i will state more of my main reasons why it isn’t wrong.



Beware: the following link has set off my antivirus software, claiming that a java script code is infected with the JS:Redirector-BLW Trojan. For me, it was blocked. But, I’ve had a peculiar amount of alarms going off lately, and this one is inconsistent, so it’s possibly just my system already infected. Proceed with caution…Turn off your Java Script…Have your Antivirus up to date and running…Any way you look at it, this is honestly not information you cant get elsewhere.


Fanatics never want a discussion of any type…They just want you to submit to them, and live in fear of them. They want to destroy all possibility of constructive dialogue, which MAPs find critical to their own existence.

It’s no shock that takedownman blocked you…The only thing these sorts have going for them, is that they are riding [and exploiting] a wave of social momentum…They are never the ones who get looked at critically, or called out for anything they’ve done…except in the rarest of circumstances. It is an anomaly, for them to be called to account for their actions.

This cultivates a world…where people feel entitled to behave like takedownman…Many get caught up into the hysterics…and imagine it is their obligation, to combat the pedophile phantom…Children are our most precious resource, and the pedophile phantom stands as a threatening icon…

…And there you have it…a recipe for “anything goes, because everything’s at stake” combat.

If you start showing them up, for who and what they are…they block, run and hide.

– Neither the DSM 4 or 5 consider pedophilia to be a mental disorder…

…It’s a common misconception that they do.

A mental disorder is only recognized, if the orientation causes an individual distress, or otherwise disrupts their ability to live their life.

– The argument that sexual orientation sprouts out of being abused, is just an absurdity. You are either oriented this way, or you are not…Any history of abuse, is purely incidental. A lot of people look for abuse [of varying types, not just sexual assault], because they’ve never come to terms with the fact, that they are a natural born pedophile.

Almost everyone wants something [or someone] else to blame it on…”It’s never themselves”…

– One of the biggest problems with finding sound, reliable information on pedophiles and pedophilia…is that the rare golden nuggets are drowning in a sea of bad information…You have to sift through millions of low brow rants, as Aunt Sally, Uncle Bernard and Cousin Willard go on and on, weeping and gnashing their teeth over the pedophile phantom, and what it makes them imagine. We are drowning in a sea of carried away, rhetorical content.

…This is why we need the informed, knowledgeable people, really out there and making content…We need to start flooding the market place of ideas, in masses.

…Of course…there is also the censorship problem…

If we could even organize 1000 MAPs to show up in force, wherever any resource discriminates against us…we could make a serious impact…if only we stood up for each other.

If YouTube shuts down a MAPs channel…imagine if 1000 other MAPs opened an account, and re-uploaded that MAPs content, every single time YouTube censored a MAP like that…Imagine if we could get 100,000 MAPs to do this…

…Imagine what the fascists at Facebook would be doing, in the face of that.

We could be a juggernaut that isn’t going to take it anymore…if we could get enough MAPs on the same page.

We need organization, and a widespread will to act…And nobody is going to tell me, that there aren’t at least 1000 MAPs out there, looking for some way to fight back.

– Overwhelmingly…most people don’t understand what is meant by the terms “pedophile” and “pedophilia”. They think attraction to anyone who cannot legally consent, is pedophilia…Some even appear to imagine, that if you’re substantially older and attracted to a twenty something person…this is supposedly pedophilia, also.

Let’s be honest…Most people don’t even care that they are dead wrong…They’re just internalizing and responding to a social resistance, towards accepting anything that’s not common…or not in line with social structures, the present era population is reliant upon.

– I really would not say that the point of sex is to reproduce…That is a side effect.

Sex serves many social and personal purposes…It’s best for individuals to have sexual pleasure and release, as a matter of maintaining personal balance and health…This further enhances wider society, because these are people who are generally more at peace and easier to get along with…They aren’t someone with pent up sexual frustrations, who is going to attack or murder someone else.

A vast amount of sex takes place, where nobody intends on producing a baby…Sex is just part of living life.

– “Eating our own young”…

…As a rule…you will find that people with extreme notions about pedophilia, have a tendency to employ extreme illogic…and they think in extremes. They imagine the pedophile intends to do the worst things ever…And they think the answer, is to threaten doing the worst things imaginable to “pedophiles”…Everything is an extreme with them…Which is why they go off into these goofy tangents, which have nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

They’re trying to make a false equivalence.

Want to debate about pedophilia?

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Lovely instruction video…

Date: November 03, 2016

01) Comment bien protéger les enfants du soleil par Capital Soleil

Though I’d have never thought anyone would need instructions for something like this…I’m glad someone else thought otherwise.

I’ll bet this was a lot of fun to make…and happily, nobody appears traumatized.

…But on a serious note…

…The type of gentle tenderness on display in this video, is the same kind of touch and caress I speak of, when I discuss intimate adult child relations…

This isn’t so far removed…

…I just envision more kissing…and a bit of licking and sucking [of his body, not mine]…and for any body creams to be both flavored and edible…

…Not such a scary thing, honestly…if you can just muster up a little compassion, and allow a loving act to be just that…without all the drama.

That boy is a precious treasure…I don’t know how anyone imagines people like me could ever hurt a child.

It is personally painful, knowing that some people actually believe that about me.