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Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar…


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Date: November 13, 2016

01) Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar

“George Zimmerman was kicked out of a Florida cigar bar after using racial slurs and yelling at a waitress, police said.

The former neighborhood watchman became belligerent at the Corona Cigar Co. outside Orlando, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office report.

Manager Angel Benitez told the Daily News that staff asked an officer who arrived for an incident with someone else in the 33-year-old’s party to remove him after disturbances including yelling at a waitress.

“We don’t tolerate any racial or bad behavior so that’s why we trespassed him”, he said, using a term for asking the police to take someone away.”

It’s time for George to go away, permanently.

You don’t get people popping up in the media habitually, over the kinds of things this guy keeps getting into, unless there is something seriously messed up with him.

…And this guy is looking to be a social problem.

…Does he need to murder somebody else, before they finally lock him away?

The “justice” system in the USA is a sham, and a joke.

You have these obvious, violent sociopaths out there…trying to get into altercations so they can hurt or kill somebody else…but, “that’s all okay”…”nothing to worry about, there”…

…Meanwhile, “the real problems of this world” revolve around who you sexually associate with, what you look at or think about when you orgasm…or whether you’re consuming “the wrong” stress reliever…

…Oh yes…Lock those harmless, non-violent people up, and throw away the key…We cant have the social weirdoes being left alone…because public paranoia wont allow it…and they’re too profitable, to avoid exploiting and abusing.

The “justice” system is a crooked, criminal enterprise, in it’s own right…It feeds off of tax funds, extorted from the public.

…It honestly is modern day slavery…And they don’t even so much care, whether the people who need to be incarcerated, are the ones who are ending up in their prisons.

When the masses actually understand this point of fact…and we all organize to disassemble this criminal enterprise…we will finally start down the road, to social recovery.