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John Rees-Evans displays astounding ignorance & barbarity regarding paedophilia…


Date: November 19, 2016

01) John Rees-Evans displays astounding ignorance & barbarity regarding paedophilia

“John Rees-Evans wins ~Moronic Barbarian of the Year~ award for implying that paedophiles are prepubescent children, and that they should be executed. If you don’t want to be misinterpreted, START BEING FACTUAL AND STOP TALKING CRAP! It is utterly cruel to carry on with this wilful ignorance – it hurts everyone, not just paedophiles.

Original video:

It’s not often you hear the Daily Mail defining a paedophile as “someone attracted to children”, but I guess it suited them in this case.

“Mr Rees-Evans said he supported the death penalty for child killers and child sex offenders but insisted on giving his own definition for paedophilia, describing it as ‘someone who is pre-pubescent’
‘I would have the death penalty for somebody [who is sexually attracted to a child] who is evidently pre-pubescent.’ ”


I’d like to thank One Life for not including live depictions of infant circumcision.

I am totally with you in principle, on the issue of ending forced circumcision…I just don’t want to feature the act, itself, all over this blog…which is why I’ve been reluctant to post your videos here.

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