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Dakota Dancing…

Date: November 27, 2016

Well…Okay…None of the three videos I selected are allowed to be embedded…

You can still follow their links, and watch them…

Here is a huge playlist…Likely, the scenes are included there.

01) Real Steel dancing dakota goyo max!

“Real Steel 2011”

Real Steel – Dakota Goyo Dance Scene Two:

Real Steel – Dances et Combats (clip) Musique: Timbaland in full HD:

I wish we could get more movies like Reel Steel.

The Ministry of Social Media…

Date: November 25, 2016

01) The Ministry of Social Media

“Who decides what is fake news and what isn’t?”


…I once opened a Facebook account, because I was forced too…in order to use a certain piece of software [the spellchecker called Ginger]. I did not even consider doing anything with the Facebook account, because I already know the game of those people…and the shambles their platform is in, because of Social Justice Warriors.

There is no security on that platform…and Facebook is notorious for this problem…Hordes of lemmings go on flagging campaigns, and get pages shut down…It’s as bad as YouTube used to be.

So…Mark Zuckerberg thinks he’s going to control the flow of even more content on his website?

…a website that has turned out to be a complete failure, where it comes to allowing certain social demographics to discuss the truth of their lives?

Facebook has zero integrity, right out of the gate…And this whole idea, that they will be able to determine what is “fake” versus “true”?…On who’s opinionated authority, is this impossible feet going to be based?

By all means…let Facebook drive itself into the ground…It deserves a good slap of karma.

This is just another story, of a web based institution…that’s grown too big and too self illustrious, for anybody’s good.