Initiative to take your free speech: #GamerGate is #NichtEgal…

Date: November 29, 2016

01) Initiative to take your free speech: #GamerGate is #NichtEgal

Here we go…legislation of “decency” on the internet…

If we were to list everything wrong with such a thing…we’d be going on forever.

I think Kraut and Tea is correct…and he outlines why so many of us have a visceral, gut reaction to all of these recent “hate speech” laws, regulations, rules and initiatives.

On the one hand…so many of these, and the people behind them, are frauds on their face…Because not only do they fail to accurately define and combat hate speech…but they are also an authoritarian push to strip people of their right, and will, to speak out.

It’s about normalizing the extreme punishment of people, for expressing things.

…And it’s staggering to witness the ignorance in these people…who think they are righteous heroes, for releasing this speech strangling plague upon us.

In reality…this is about little more than controlling what gets expressed on the internet, with an iron fist.

It is outright alarming, coming to the realization of how many people out there want an internet, that only reflects their own narrow outlook on life…And they don’t mind stomping all over people who are different from themselves, just to get it.

This is not what the internet is for, or about.

…The internet is not a tool, for those seeking to live in a bubble.

Even if that is your aspiration…anyone can create “safe space” resources on the internet…They can have their closed and restricted internet worlds, without any trouble at all…

…They don’t need the open minded, explorative, expressive, artistic, human spaces that the rest of us inhabit, as well.

If they can’t “feel safe” until everyone they disagree with is run off the internet…then these sorts don’t belong on the internet.


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