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Pizzagate Supporter Knows It’s True, Because She ‘Prayed to God’ to Reveal it to Her…

Date: December 31, 2016

01) How I know #PizzaGate is real

“Published on Dec 27, 2016

#PizzaGate is real. The mainstream media will make you believe that its fake news. My story is proof that the information being shared about #PizzaGate is true”

I’m not trying to pick on anybody here…I’m just sharing the devastating lack of sophistication [and the biased mysticism, even], that I keep encountering.

This one goes way, way, way off the tracks quickly, and meanders all over the place…offering absolutely nothing of substance…just a bunch of personal conjecture…

She claims there’s a big pedophile ring across America, and beyond…without substantiating it.

She considers herself to have authoritative knowledge, because her biological father used to place her in front of a webcam and allow other people to watch her do sexual things.

…Yet another true believer, fixated on “satanic ritual abuse”…despite that there is utterly zero reason to believe such a thing is widespread…and it’s been consistently debunked, in most cases where it is accused.

It would all be fine if she were just sharing her thoughts, and not trying to put “pizzagate” over as if it were a factually proven thing [which it is not].

…A bit of browbeating…”Read your bible”…

I’ve gone half way through this video, and I’m begging for her to release her eureka moment onto me…Somehow, I don’t imagine it’s ever going to arrive…

So…Becki Percy…How is it that you know John Podesta and his private affairs so well, that you feel no qualms about claiming the charges made against him are real?…How much time have you spent at Comet Ping Pong?…Have you ever crossed paths with either, or any of the other people being accused?

Where is your substance and proof, beyond a gut feeling, praying and reading your bible?..

This is what drives me up the wall, about these “pizzagate” pushers…

…They start from a point, where the last thing they are interested in is being objective…They don’t want to confront how pathetically weak and convoluted their narrative is…They just want to talk about it, as if it were fact that everybody knows…These slippery shysters just dodge, swerve and sidestep, to protect themselves from being knocked out of their own bubble.

It’s like deductive reasoning and common sense don’t even exist, in these people’s world.

Who knows how many of these people have infused themselves into this, versus how many of them have ever even set foot inside the pizza shop in question?

They’re just a whole lot of people who literally don’t know what they are talking about…repeating and reasserting each other…That is all they’ve got…A massive cluster of people, who’ve decided to push a “pedophile ring” narrative.

Having watched too many of these sorts of videos, and read way too many comments from the crowds they are pandering too…I can honestly tell you, that most of these people come off like they have a paranoid mental illness…A lot of them do not come off as very intelligent, either.

We are witnessing a new pedophile panic spinning out of control…after spending all these many years, trying to pull society back towards a center of sanity.

…And this one is trying to encourage people to use “pizzagate” as a cover all, to discuss all forms of child sexual abuse everywhere?

…I don’t even know what to say to that, other than she clearly has no interest in objective fact…She’s just latched onto the “pizzagate” trademark…if you know what I mean.

…”Just open your eyes, and see what god is showing us.”…

…I cannot take anymore of this…Her reasons for “knowing pizzagate is real”, aren’t even sound excuses for believing it’s moderately plausible.

…Why do I keep running across people like Becki, every time I see a video pushing “pizzagate”?…

…Why can’t I at least sometimes, run across someone who comes off like they are intelligent and mentally balanced?

I don’t even want to leave comments on their videos, because their comments sections are filled with these sorts on a feeding frenzy…You just end up getting dragged down into the realm, of a lot of people disconnected from reality.

The Sad Standards of #Pizzagate…

Date: December 30, 2016

01) PizzaGate Will Dominate 2017, Because It Is Real

“PizzaGate is very real. Go to, select the John Podesta email archive (Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff), and search for “pizza.”

Some have been unkind to the researchers and journalists on this. The level of unkindness seems to extend beyond the expected capability of a random pizza shop. Who is it trying to destroy researchers’ lives in a hurry? We won’t be silent. We won’t be intimidated. Can’t accuse us all of YOUR pathetic crimes. Can’t silence us all. Can’t ban us all from YouTube, or Twitter, or the sidewalk, or anywhere.

PizzaGate is real. The bizarre broadcast media denials (“Fake News!”) and absurd level of harassment/gaslighting researchers are dealing with personally convinces me it is, perhaps, even bigger than the Wikileaks emails themselves suggest.

John Podesta is not yet in a courtroom answering for the contents of his emails, and that is wrong.”

A question for you, David Seaman…

You’ve spent quite a while now, naming names and laying out accusations…making the assertion that all of this is true…

…So, have you done anything beyond producing YouTube videos screaming from the rooftops?…Have you done what any decent person with your ironclad knowledge would do?

…Surely, you haven’t been professing this personal knowledge and overwhelming evidence, placing your face and name out there, making it clear that you are not so fearful of retaliation [or if you are, you have a very strange way of showing it]…demanding that something be done…

…without ever having done something so basic, as filing a police report with the proper jurisdiction?

Obviously, you must have records of this report you’ve filed, which you can share with the rest of us?

…After all…it would be unthinkable, that little children are being tortured, raped and sacrificed…that you know this is going on…and that you’d fail to do the most minimal of legal procedures to stop these horrors.

…So, where is the citation?…Who have you filed the criminal complaint with?

A typical example of “proof”:

02) Oakland Warehouse Fire a Ritual Sacrifice? #pizzagate Symbolism Found

Notice how there is nothing on display here, other than extremely vague projection…and this guy’s own strong suggestions.

Thing is…that describes every single #pizzagate video I have ever watched…There’s nothing concrete behind it…It’s all speculation.

Even if I were to concede that John Podesta’s alleged “code language” [an assertion of something never materialized] could seem suspicious…this does not justify the wild and broad leaps, trying to link an ever growing list of unrelated things.

…The BLogo?…It’s built off of triangles…

…So, any place you sorts of people see [or interpret] a triangle…”BoyLove” must be involved?

…And, of course…it always has to be satanic.

No matter what…obsession with the satanic, has always got to show itself with these people.

How to Fight Against Truth Tyranny and Media Disinformation | Be a Liberty Ninja…

Date: December 29, 2016

01) How to Fight Against Truth Tyranny and Media Disinformation | Be a Liberty Ninja

“It is beyond horrible to see the number of stories that evoke self-censorship on the part of the public. That’s right, they inadvertently fall into the trap of trying to censor what little there is left of rational thought. Here’s how to fight back on the issues of the day.”

‘Pizzagate’ Isn’t Going Away…

Date: December 28, 2016

01) ‘Pizzagate’ Isn’t Going Away

“Nearly half of all Donald Trump voters believe a widely debunked conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton is involved in a child sex ring run out of a popular Washington, D.C. pizzeria, a recent poll suggests.

The Economist/YouGov poll released Tuesday shows that a staggering 46% of Trump voters believe the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy, which began circulating on obscure sites like 4chan and Reddit ahead of Election Day before spurring controversy on Twitter and Facebook.

Concerns over the dangerous impact of fake news were heightened after Edgar Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., stormed into the Italian restaurant at the center of the baseless conspiracy with a loaded assault rifle on Dec. 4 in order to “self-investigative.”

TSA Body Searches…

Date: December 28, 2016

01) TYT made me defend the TSA

Vee makes some relevant points…

This is complex on an emotional basis…though not so much on a logical one.

Few people like having strangers put their hands in their private spaces…But given the nature of the travel, it would probably be best to search everyone…And, yes…you do consent to this sort of thing, when you decide to take this method of travel.

Is it more important to weed out the dangers and make it there alive, or to momentarily preserve your comfort and perceived personal dignity?

Daniel Dennett – How To Tell Youre An Atheist (Full)…


Date: December 28, 2016

01) Daniel Dennett – How To Tell Youre An Atheist (Full)

“Published on Jun 3, 2013

Philosopher Daniel Dennett was one of the stars of the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne and gave a brilliant and whimsical talk on defining the atheist. He is the uber-philospher of the mind and a great provocateur, though he was speaking to 4000 non believers at this convention.

He talks specifically about The Clergy Project in the middle of his talk at 19 min 15 sec.
For more info: see

Atheist_Media_SB_ArchiveAtheist Media Links

George Michael Conspiracies | Pakistan Threatens Armageddon Via Twitter | NDAA & Ministry of Truth…

Date: December 27, 2016

01) George Michael Conspiracies | Pakistan Threatens Armageddon Via Twitter | NDAA & Ministry of Truth

Regarding Alex Jones…

…It honestly is about more than just his style of presentation.

…It’s more about the fact that he often accepts screwball notions, and repeats them as if they were fact.

His style doesn’t really help him…but, ultimately…that’s not his main downfall.

Germany mulls crackdown on social media speech…

Date: December 27, 2016

01) Germany mulls crackdown on social media speech

“…the government of Germany is considering imposing a tough legal regime on Facebook and other social media sites. Next year it “will take up a bill that’d let it fine social networks like Facebook $500,000 [per post] for each day they leave a ‘fake news’ post up without deleting it.”

Are satire “news” sites going to be illegal in Germany?

…How do they determine what is fake, as opposed to being a difference in opinion and perspective?

This sounds like censorship gone mad.

This sort of think could kill Facebook, and social media in general.

2016: Year of the Hipster Douche…

Date: December 27, 2016

01) 2016: Year of the Hipster Douche

Every individual must understand that they have limits, too.

When we look at the pushback against modern activism, it’s primarily rooted in the fact that so many activists, seemingly, lack all concept of practical self restraint.

…And they launch into these socially toxic tactics, to get whatever they think they want in the moment…without regard for the broader damage they are doing.