Man Motivated by ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory Arrested in Washington Gunfire…


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Date: December 05, 2016

01) Man Motivated by ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory Arrested in Washington Gunfire

“WASHINGTON — A man fired a rifle on Sunday inside a Washington pizza restaurant that has been subjected to harassment based on false stories tying it to child abuse, the police said. No one was hurt, and the man was arrested.

The man, Edgar M. Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., told the police that he had come to the restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, in northwest Washington, to “self-investigate” what is being called Pizzagate, an online conspiracy theory asserting, with no evidence, that the restaurant is somehow tied to a child abuse ring. He entered the restaurant shortly before 3 p.m. with a rifle and fired it at least once inside, the police said.


In a statement, Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Alefantis, condemned the people who had been spreading the bogus stories about child abuse.

“What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences,” he said.”

…I predict it’s going to be these 4chan sorts [though you can find similar sociopaths, all over the net], who are going to destroy the free internet as we have known it.

These fanatics [and agents of chaos] are going to be the plague, which causes an authoritarian crackdown.

…I want to be wrong about this…Common sense tells me this will happen.


4 thoughts on “Man Motivated by ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory Arrested in Washington Gunfire…

  1. LOD

    I wouldn’t blame 4chan though. To me that’s like blaming NAMBLA every time some psychopath kidnaps a child and rapes them. As far as I’ve seen no one spreading these theories was advocating that someone go into Comet Pizza and shoot a gun off. That’s all on the individual who did it.

    From the perspective of any “normie” (4chan lingo for average person) anyone advocating pedophile rights is an “agent of chaos” who could cause an “authoritarian crackdown” on free speech on the internet. But it’s ridiculous to blame people who are simply exercising their rights for the reason those rights are taken away even if you highly disagree with what they say.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I don’t blame everyone who uses 4chan…but when their trouble makers spill out into the main internet [or elsewhere], those people are sociopaths. They are starting and spreading something which is riling up a lot of other people. They should know full and well, what they are doing.

      We live in a world, where governments commonly want any excuse to force greater limits on the internet…

      …This fiasco just fed them a crazy gunman, who got triggered by an absurdly fake “news” story,..What happens next time, when somebody gets killed?

      4chan is known for this kind of malicious trolling…So, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy to lend them.

      There may be a lot of paranoia and false information about NAMBLA…but, that is still a very different kind of circumstance…NAMBLA was made up of honest [if fallible] people…as opposed to people, who are actively trying to cause chaos, with blatantly false information.

      Lots of us get interpreted as being “bad”…But many others are objectively doing bad things.

      …Unless you are suggesting, that they honestly did not know what they are doing is wrong and malicious?

      1. LOD

        No, I don’t think they are intentionally being malicious or trolling in this instance. I think many of them actually believe what they say. You can find many videos on youtube of people talking about the Pizzagate thing as a real conspiracy and as far as I can tell they are being completely serious. To them this isn’t “fake” news, they actually believe they uncovered a secret pedophile ring. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge what the intentions are of someone on the internet. What may appear to you as “trolling” or “purposely misleading” may actually just be someone who has taken seriously what you find insane or hard to believe. I’m sure if I got up anywhere and started giving my honest opinions on pedophilia most people would probably think I was “trolling.” Not to say that these people aren’t crazy but I don’t think they think they are.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Fair enough…

        …But we can at least agree that their conspiracy theory is absurd?

        I don’t see where they got off, merely lumping different things together…and not realizing how wrong that is.

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