When They Want to See a Conspiracy: Exposing “The Exposers”…

Date: December 11, 2016

01) COMET PIZZA, EXPOSED AGAIN (mirror Hacking the Headlines)

So…a pizza shop right in the hotbed of political country, happens to be heavily visited by the politicians there…and those politicians become very familiar with the establishment, and it’s owner…And being part of that community, the place ends up being a resourse for them…

E-mails surface where, potentially, code language is being used…and inside this mystery, people who have nothing to do with the place have decided that they must impose “child sex trafficking”…for no other reasons, than they imagine the place to host something “satanic”…and talking about children could potentially fit the scenario…

Where is this “pizza and hotdogs means little girls and little boys” even coming from?…Who came up with this?…Who is the source?

They could be talking about any number of things…literally.

…And an Instagram account?!!!…They’re assigning “child sex trafficking”, as the meaning behind some of his pictures he posted [or liked]?

…An implication that the pizza place has a sex room?…Have these people who are talking about all of this, ever actually been to the place in question?…Have they verified that such a room even exists, where this happens?…Or are they just a bunch of people who’ve spread all of this amongst themselves, and worked themselves up into a panic over it?

…”Pedophile symbolism”?…Because of spiral joke glasses?…Seriously?…If you set out determined to find these kinds of “parallels”, very little is going to stop you from seeing them…no matter how far the stretch.

…They held an event, where a mentally ill woman who paints pictures of children being raped had something to do with the flyers?…What was the event about?…Could it be, they were trying to raise awareness to child rape? It seems awful strange to me, that a place allegedly trying to run a secret “child sex trafficking” club, would publish and distribute flyers “blowing their cover”…Doesn’t that seem very strange to you?

We are talking about something here…which would demand such an insane extent of cover up…a sort of vast network, of probably thousands of people [maybe, tens of thousands], who are all completely un-phased by this…not a single one, with any moral objection strong enough, to say something about what is going on…And those who do have objection, being closely watched and threatened…And a network of government people, who are in on it…or who are willing to be quiet about it…All this vast mass of people, walk in lock step with regards to this “child sex trafficking” ring?…

The artist in question paints pictures of children being tortured, and this disturbs you?…It’s art…It’s supposed to cause emotional response…sometimes, even visceral response…

…You do realize, that many people who make these kinds of depictions are trying to raise awareness?…that they are not trying to promote the behavior?…

…”The handkerchief code”…I’ll admit I’ve never herd of this one…or of any substantiality in handkerchiefs, in sexual groups…Maybe it is a minority thing…but it’s an obscure and vague “dot” to be connecting.

…More “pedophile symbols” in neighboring business signs and décor?…Have any of you actually been to these places, and witnessed the things you claim true [including the sexual trafficking of children]?…Or are you just spreading all of these “dots” amongst yourselves, and working yourselves up into a hysteria?…There’s lots of pictures, you could have found anywhere…with your own assertions imposed over them…I am left unimpressed.

Oh…and a hand over a heart, is not the Girl-Love symbol…Even if it seems similar, it’s not the same thing…And I can’t even make out, what they are trying to connect with the BLogo…But just for a bit of perspective…the same general BLogo design has turned up on plates, used at the restaurant chain Red Lobster, within the last few decades…It has been used by various businesses, who have no actual connection with the BoyLove community. It’s called coincidence…It happens.

The general form of the BLogo has a kind of Aztec feel to it…and it’s not a hard design to envision…Hense, it’s not shocking that various people have used it…

…That the other pizza place stopped using a similar design is not surprising…They’ve likely been paying attention to all the stink surrounding this, and knew they didn’t want to be targeted also…

For the record…their logo looks like it’s supposed to be an artsy depiction of pizza slices…and only vaguely resembles the BLogo.

…”Disinformation propaganda”?!!!…People are pointing out how ridiculous and unwarranted your leaps are, in all of this…It’s because most sane people can quickly see all the problems here, with your assertions. Even if there’s a few intriguing bits…you haven’t made any sort of case, here.

You cannot take a wide list of vague things, and subjectively decide what they all mean, in order to make them fit some broader theory…and then expect rational people to believe you.

…Because, ultimately…it’s little more than a story you concocted, with cherry picked bits of content.

You want to make an extraordinary claim and have it believed?…It demands extraordinary evidence…

…You folks have not provided that…What you have provided, at most, is a ridiculously loose narrative.

…What little genuine point of question you do raise [the seemingly cryptic messages], could be explained in other ways…For example, if the thing being discussed is illegal…he could be discussing drugs…or money laundering [which may not be “fun”, but if you’re trying to make discussion seem innocuous, hey…].

Point is…us rational, thinking people can see…that there are a wide variety of things being potentially discussed…So, why have you instantly jumped to “child sex trafficking”?

Where are you getting to this conclusion, when you have nothing to back it up?

…And your blatant use of our community symbols in all of this?…

…You lose all credibility, by dragging the BoyLove, Girl-Love and Child Love communities into this…I know, for a fact, you are a bunch of crackpots on that ground alone…You don’t even care enough, to know the history behind our communities and symbols…And you drag us into your half baked conspiracy stories…You people have zero integrity.

Our communities are not about satanic rituals, child rape, or any other thing of that nature.

“Censorship” of you?!…You cannot be serious…You’ve gotten acknowledged by some of the largest businesses on the internet…Just because most of them are pointing out how shoddy your “investigation” has been, does not mean you’ve been censored…

…It means you are running up against the bitter realization, that most people recognize you as a crackpot…And you are not enjoying the wider reaction to your behavior.

You don’t believe they are innocently talking about pizza, because pizza is so well loved?…

…Well…pizza is only a $38.5 billion industry in the U.S.…and that’s according to the slumping statistics of 2015…Historically, it’s been better…

…I guess politicians aren’t allowed to be any part of that…

Oh no…”They can’t be talking about pizza!”…Because you are so hell bent on proving that a “child sex trafficking” ring exists.

…And “tunnels”?…Oh good grief!…I don’t know what is happening in those pictures, and neither do you!…Quit projecting!

I’ve known to many people like this…”They know, because they just know there has to be something going on.”…It has absolutely nothing to do with objective reality, or genuine investigation…It has everything to do with their personal emotional needs, to feel empowered [by “fighting evil in the world”]…Their is no talking sense to them…They get something into their head, and you cannot make them see their own folly.

I’ve gone about 15:30 into this…almost the entirety of the video…I’m very tired of making this response, and highly doubt this person is going to offer anything of substance [or a “smoking gun”], when she hasn’t done so over a long winded fifteen and a half minutes…So, I’m ending my response here.

As a thinking and rational person of decent intelligence…I dismiss this video as just another piece of propaganda…

You want to make extreme accusations, and assert them as if they are true?…Then bring the hard evidence…Otherwise, you’re just a blathering fool.

…Since what is “exposed” in that video, is represented as the “most important” pieces of this “case”…I’m confident in saying there is no case established.

It will be interesting to see, if any of the people spreading these accusations get prosecuted.

After several decades of promoting and fostering this kind of thing…the media is finally starting to take a hardline approach, to people who start and spread hysterical stories about “child sex rings”…

…And it’s about freaking time!

Having been around for almost half a century, and being forced to live in the world created by this noxious behavior…I’ve learned to take a hardline approach to it.

Look…There have been people out there, doing this exact same type of garbage for decades…And the media has been parading them all over the place…They are ultimately the reason why things are so bad today, in regards to the hysterics surrounding “stranger danger” paranoia, the relentless smearing and dehumanization of MAPs, vindictive “sex offender” law and overzealous child protection.

These exact sorts of people have been exposed, time and again, as frauds…They make the stories up, and spread them amongst themselves…to the point where large groups are talking about it all, as though it were true.

Various “experts in the field” have been exposed as frauds, and zealots…Let’s be level headed, and recognize when this is happening, all over again.

…It is happening before our eyes, with pizzagate.

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