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Chatango’s Attacker is Getting His Just Deserts…

Date: December 19, 2016

01) FBI Arrests Customer of Xtreme Stresser DDoS-for-Hire Service

“The FBI arrested this past week Sean Krishanmakoto Sharma, 26, from La Canada, California, for launching DDoS attacks against Chatango, an online chat service.

According to court documents, Sharma, who is a USC graduate, purchased DDoS firepower from Xtreme Stresser, an online DDoS-for-hire service.

He used this service to attack Chatango and brought down the company’s services on different occasions for a two-month period, between November 6, 2014 and January 20, 2015.”

I used to use Chatango, until the DDoS attacks started.

After Google bought and killed Meebo, Chatango was the only thing I could find, that was reasonably similar…

…Then that idiot forced me into a third long search, to find another service I could find acceptable.

It’s good to see he is getting his just deserts, for interrupting my flow and wasting my time.

‘Victims Groups’ Who Cant Stand that Pedophiles Have a Voice and Rights…


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Date: December 19, 2016

01) Government child sex abuse inquiry to interview paedophiles as victims hit out at ‘insulting’ decision

“The review states: “In addition we will carry out qualitative research with convicted sexual offenders to understand how child sexual exploitation networks are formed and sustained.”

But victims’s groups said it was outrageous that paedophiles would be ‘consulted’ by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and said it was evidence that Prof Jay, an eminent social worker, was attempting to ‘theorise’ crimes committed over decades by predatory abusers.

Raymond Stevenson, founder of the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association, who was the victim of abuse in a children’s home in south London, said: “This is pathetic. You will not learn anything from speaking to paedophiles. They just lie anyway. It is a waste of public money.”

His group withdrew support from the IICSA over concerns about Prof jay and the length of time the inquiry has been taking. Andi Lavery, who runs White Flowers Alba, a group of victims abused in the Catholic Church, said: “Interviewing paedophiles is wrong. It is demeaning. It is turning this into an experiment and it makes us survivors feel like laboratory rats. I am not being treated like a human being by Jay. They are using us as research.”

This article really underscores not only the dangers, but the backward thinking, of fanaticism in “victims rights” groups.

Truth be told…these interviews are likely to be far more insulting and dehumanizing to the pedophiles taking part in them…They are the ones being dissected…

…And it’s all being done, for the benefit of “stopping abuse” within a certain social narrative…A narrative which ruptures it’s own spine, bending over backwards to cater to these endlessly complaining “victims rights” groups.

These groups do not have the right to strip other people of their voice, nor of their human rights…Yet, given the current trends…you’d think this ruthless goal was part of their very own charters.

There is an old and famous quote, which goes like this…

“He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

…And these kinds of “victims groups”, have become an embodiment of this quote…They’ve become the aggression and abuse they claim to hate.

Condemning research done with their interests, and alleged end goals, in mind?…What better example of disingenuousness could they offer the world?

This tantrum of theirs is total absurdity.


M.A. Voice: Issue 16 – December 19, 2016…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Note: All BoyChat links will include their corresponding TOR URL to use in the TOR Browser, as well as their normal BoyChat URL. TOR2WEB is being used as a stop gap, in combating malicious attacks against BoyChat and it’s community.

Date: December 19, 2016

01) ‘Virtuous pedophile’ who admits being attracted to children but has never abused anyone is trying to encourage others in his situation to come forward

Todd Nickerson interview


02) Baldur: Article: Calling bullshit on dumb S.O. laws
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1488926.htm
Regular URL: https://www.boychat.org/messages/1488926.htm
Two Federal Courts Call BS on Banning Sex Offenders From ‘Child Safety Zones’

03) LordTeognis: These times are difficult…
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1489071.htm
Regular URL: https://www.boychat.org/messages/1489071.htm

04) man of one way: Remember our heroes
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1489140.htm
Regular URL: https://www.boychat.org/messages/1489140.htm

05) The Overlord: Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again – Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 1d)

Editors Comment:

To the people who have maliciously attacked BoyChat…

…It would be satisfying to discover, that all of you will be sued and criminally prosecuted…and that you will spend time in prison for this…But we all know how this rigged game is played…And we all know that is not going to happen in this era. Consider yourselves lucky, that you are not going to get what you deserve.

As to your flimflam about a certain idiot woman being “doxed” on BoyChat, and your supposed White Knighting on her behalf…

…The individual in question, is a sociopath who has gone well out of her way, chronically and over a long period of time, to stalk, harass, threaten, dehumanize, censor and endanger MAPs, who were doing nothing beyond using online social resources in scrupulously legal ways.

After the very real impact of this sociopath’s behavior, some MAPs have started documenting and publishing her behaviors, in response to them.

This is a perfectly reasonable and justified action.

That a few of these were posted at BoyChat is also reasonable, on account that some of us MAPs also frequent BoyChat, and find this information to be relevant.

This is a person who has threatened me, personally…As such, I am entitled to know who she is…I am also entitled to share this information, with anyone else I witness being threatened by her.

This situation is a prime example, of why I absolutely loathe you sorts…

One, or more, of you decides to create some insurmountable conflict with our community…Any kind of response comes back from us, and you start acting like we are doing something horrible to you…

…No…This is all your doing…This is all on your heads…You have no victims amongst you, in regards to this.

The answer to entirely avoiding these kinds of situations, is common decency and respect…

…Learn it!

One good thing did come of this, however…

…I’m now much better set up, to ride through any DDoS attacks on BoyChat, without missing a beat…That is objectively good.

We are becoming more resilient, as a community…learning and spreading various alternate ways of accessing BoyChat…So, go swallow that pill.

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