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An MA-TV Intermission…


Date: December 20, 2016

Two things…

1) I’m going to be reposting a number of MAP made videos, to place them directly in this series…and probably a few movies, also. Not a lot, but a dozen or so.

2) I’ve had an active, openly MAP channel on YouTube in the past…So, I know a good bit about the BS you get subjected too…and that it can be a very perilous project.

It’s particularly hard, when you start to advocate changes in the way people think about social fundamentals…and how we think about taboo issues…and saying things, “you’re not supposed to say”…

…It’s even more of a rocky road, when you start using copyrighted material in your videos…There are any number of angles people come up with to attack your channel.

Consequentially…it often seems like only the most vague [or least seen] content, ever stays up any duration of time…Media with the most substantive messages that need to be communicated, often has the hardest time.

On that note…I’d like to suggest that MAPs interested in creating media, maybe focus on broader life issues…or personal creativity…If you have some talent…help create some MAP culture.

We need to start thinking outside of the box…especially on media websites like YouTube.

We are presently in the shadow of an active MAP YouTube account, that has recently deleted all of their videos…Why?…Who knows…But it stinks keeping track of a MAP account and featuring their videos here, just to have a substantial fraction of MA-TV rendered useless, because they’ve abruptly shut down their channel and deleted their videos.

It’s bad enough having to contend with YouTube being a cunt towards MAPs, and terminating their accounts…but MAPs willingly doing it on their own?

I would really ask, that MAPs not do this…We don’t have enough active voices out here, as it is.

It’s not my place to tell any of you what to do in your projects, or what to do with your content…So, don’t take any of that the wrong way.

I’m still overjoyed to see MAPs creating media content…And I’m always on the lookout, for new MAP channels. If you know of any, drop me a message…You can click on the contact page.

I’d ultimately love to get back into creating media, myself…I mean, I still do on occasion, but it’s mostly my holiday albums…I still hold onto broader ambitions.

In spirit…I’m right there with you guys, who are putting yourselves out there on the media front.

…This is primarily why I like to feature the creative content of other MAPs.

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