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The Sad Standards of #Pizzagate…

Date: December 30, 2016

01) PizzaGate Will Dominate 2017, Because It Is Real

“PizzaGate is very real. Go to wikileaks.org, select the John Podesta email archive (Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff), and search for “pizza.”

Some have been unkind to the researchers and journalists on this. The level of unkindness seems to extend beyond the expected capability of a random pizza shop. Who is it trying to destroy researchers’ lives in a hurry? We won’t be silent. We won’t be intimidated. Can’t accuse us all of YOUR pathetic crimes. Can’t silence us all. Can’t ban us all from YouTube, or Twitter, or the sidewalk, or anywhere.

PizzaGate is real. The bizarre broadcast media denials (“Fake News!”) and absurd level of harassment/gaslighting researchers are dealing with personally convinces me it is, perhaps, even bigger than the Wikileaks emails themselves suggest.

John Podesta is not yet in a courtroom answering for the contents of his emails, and that is wrong.”

A question for you, David Seaman…

You’ve spent quite a while now, naming names and laying out accusations…making the assertion that all of this is true…

…So, have you done anything beyond producing YouTube videos screaming from the rooftops?…Have you done what any decent person with your ironclad knowledge would do?

…Surely, you haven’t been professing this personal knowledge and overwhelming evidence, placing your face and name out there, making it clear that you are not so fearful of retaliation [or if you are, you have a very strange way of showing it]…demanding that something be done…

…without ever having done something so basic, as filing a police report with the proper jurisdiction?

Obviously, you must have records of this report you’ve filed, which you can share with the rest of us?

…After all…it would be unthinkable, that little children are being tortured, raped and sacrificed…that you know this is going on…and that you’d fail to do the most minimal of legal procedures to stop these horrors.

…So, where is the citation?…Who have you filed the criminal complaint with?

A typical example of “proof”:

02) Oakland Warehouse Fire a Ritual Sacrifice? #pizzagate Symbolism Found

Notice how there is nothing on display here, other than extremely vague projection…and this guy’s own strong suggestions.

Thing is…that describes every single #pizzagate video I have ever watched…There’s nothing concrete behind it…It’s all speculation.

Even if I were to concede that John Podesta’s alleged “code language” [an assertion of something never materialized] could seem suspicious…this does not justify the wild and broad leaps, trying to link an ever growing list of unrelated things.

…The BLogo?…It’s built off of triangles…

…So, any place you sorts of people see [or interpret] a triangle…”BoyLove” must be involved?

…And, of course…it always has to be satanic.

No matter what…obsession with the satanic, has always got to show itself with these people.