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Pizzagate Supporter Knows It’s True, Because She ‘Prayed to God’ to Reveal it to Her…

Date: December 31, 2016

01) How I know #PizzaGate is real

“Published on Dec 27, 2016

#PizzaGate is real. The mainstream media will make you believe that its fake news. My story is proof that the information being shared about #PizzaGate is true”

I’m not trying to pick on anybody here…I’m just sharing the devastating lack of sophistication [and the biased mysticism, even], that I keep encountering.

This one goes way, way, way off the tracks quickly, and meanders all over the place…offering absolutely nothing of substance…just a bunch of personal conjecture…

She claims there’s a big pedophile ring across America, and beyond…without substantiating it.

She considers herself to have authoritative knowledge, because her biological father used to place her in front of a webcam and allow other people to watch her do sexual things.

…Yet another true believer, fixated on “satanic ritual abuse”…despite that there is utterly zero reason to believe such a thing is widespread…and it’s been consistently debunked, in most cases where it is accused.

It would all be fine if she were just sharing her thoughts, and not trying to put “pizzagate” over as if it were a factually proven thing [which it is not].

…A bit of browbeating…”Read your bible”…

I’ve gone half way through this video, and I’m begging for her to release her eureka moment onto me…Somehow, I don’t imagine it’s ever going to arrive…

So…Becki Percy…How is it that you know John Podesta and his private affairs so well, that you feel no qualms about claiming the charges made against him are real?…How much time have you spent at Comet Ping Pong?…Have you ever crossed paths with either, or any of the other people being accused?

Where is your substance and proof, beyond a gut feeling, praying and reading your bible?..

This is what drives me up the wall, about these “pizzagate” pushers…

…They start from a point, where the last thing they are interested in is being objective…They don’t want to confront how pathetically weak and convoluted their narrative is…They just want to talk about it, as if it were fact that everybody knows…These slippery shysters just dodge, swerve and sidestep, to protect themselves from being knocked out of their own bubble.

It’s like deductive reasoning and common sense don’t even exist, in these people’s world.

Who knows how many of these people have infused themselves into this, versus how many of them have ever even set foot inside the pizza shop in question?

They’re just a whole lot of people who literally don’t know what they are talking about…repeating and reasserting each other…That is all they’ve got…A massive cluster of people, who’ve decided to push a “pedophile ring” narrative.

Having watched too many of these sorts of videos, and read way too many comments from the crowds they are pandering too…I can honestly tell you, that most of these people come off like they have a paranoid mental illness…A lot of them do not come off as very intelligent, either.

We are witnessing a new pedophile panic spinning out of control…after spending all these many years, trying to pull society back towards a center of sanity.

…And this one is trying to encourage people to use “pizzagate” as a cover all, to discuss all forms of child sexual abuse everywhere?

…I don’t even know what to say to that, other than she clearly has no interest in objective fact…She’s just latched onto the “pizzagate” trademark…if you know what I mean.

…”Just open your eyes, and see what god is showing us.”…

…I cannot take anymore of this…Her reasons for “knowing pizzagate is real”, aren’t even sound excuses for believing it’s moderately plausible.

…Why do I keep running across people like Becki, every time I see a video pushing “pizzagate”?…

…Why can’t I at least sometimes, run across someone who comes off like they are intelligent and mentally balanced?

I don’t even want to leave comments on their videos, because their comments sections are filled with these sorts on a feeding frenzy…You just end up getting dragged down into the realm, of a lot of people disconnected from reality.