Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!…

Date: January 01, 2017

01) Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!

“Together we can fight for a better tomorrow. One where pedosexuals, homosexuals, and many other genders can live in a society where they can be themselves and are protected from bigotry, racism, and xenophobia.

To begin the first step towards this kind of society, join Heart Progress today!

Link: https://plus.google.com/u/7/communities/110446157956097117720

3 thoughts on “Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Heart Progress does have a clear censorship agenda, which is contradictory to my own outlook and standards of conduct.

    Likely, some argument could be made for “fighting fire with fire”…But, I don’t believe the stifling of expression helps anybody…It just drives people into underground places, where their discussion is even more isolated and skewed.

    …Far better to keep in out in the open, where it can be critiqued and interacted with, by people of a wider range of experience and knowledge.

    Also…I support the legalization of cannabis, and the reform of drug laws…There is clearly some kind of anti-drug agenda…and I’m not sure how far it goes with them.

    A couple of other kind of troubling things….


    “It also proves that atheistic white men are often much more violent than Muslims people.”

    Ernst Steiner, you’re taking an isolated anomaly and extrapolating it to atheist white men in general?…Really?…That is just indefensible. If anyone wants to sift through the news media long enough, they’ll eventually find members of any minority they are looking for, involved in something terrible…That does not make it a common behavioral trait. Generally speaking, atheists are not known for doing the sort of thing, highlighted in that video.

    Another thing I’ve found…is that one of their associates apparently wants to ban “violent video games”…and seems to take a hardline position on this, while being out of touch with current data and studies on this subject.

    …So…This is an interesting resource, for highlighting pedophile-phobic content, and hate speech against MAPs…But I’m getting bad feelings, about other things associated with this group.

    All I will say…is that if Heart Progress manages to build a large enough collective of people, that meaningfully pushes back and makes the people who’ve threatened and censored MAPs have a taste of their own medicine [it’s not as if they don’t deserve it, in spades]…I’ll observe with interest…maybe even lend a hand, along the way…if the instance is serious enough [ie: direct threats are not protected speech]…

    …But I really don’t like Social Justice Warrior tactics.

    MAPs and their supporters need to be above things like censorship and strict prohibition.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    …And banning all firearms, too?…

    I don’t tell anyone what to believe, fight for or say…I’m just pointing out a number of things I’ve seen in my brief observation of this group, which are certain to put me at odds with it.

    I don’t know where they are from…or the cultural norms they are accustomed too…But some of these stances are extreme and counterproductive, in my opinion.

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