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Why Is the Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids?…

Date: January 02, 2017

01) Why Is the Government Telling Us How to Raise Our Kids?

“Proposed Bill Would Expand Parents’ Rights, but Critics Say It Goes Too Far.” What exactly is too far when it comes to parents’ rights? In the case of this story from Fort Worth, Texas, it means that “critics” think parents shouldn’t have the right to know what their children are doing at school. Opposing this belief is Texas state senator Konni Burton, who authored the legislation. She believes that parents should be allowed access to their kids’ personal information, rather than protecting their child’s alleged right to privacy.

The fact that legislation is necessary to correct the imbalance between parents’ rights and the separate, independent rights of their minor children is one of the defining characteristics of our current age, one in which the government at all levels has become involved in the private lives of families, dictating child-rearing standards and penalizing parents who do not follow the rules.”

How much right to their own privacy do children have?

I don’t claim to have a solid answer to this question…But I would hope this right would be recognized, to the greatest extent affordable, given whatever circumstances exist.