RangaMasterRace: Hatchet Piece Propaganda & Dehumanizing, Threatening, Violent Sociopathic Message…


Date: January 02, 2017

01) Virtuous Paedophiles? Not Really…RMR#6

“This is why you need to practice what you preach, because cynical arseholes like me are going to call you out on it. Like in the case of Todd Nickerson”

This guy is another “color by numbers”, tongue lasher…He hits many of the clichés, and offers nothing unique or of substance…His video is not constructive…It’s just dehumanizing…And he cannot figure out why anybody at all, would call him out on his dishonest, violent behavior.

Do notice how he’s accused a “pedophile apologist” of having some kind of superiority complex, all in the shadow of everything he has smugly spewed at MAPs…These sorts are very rarely self aware enough, to comprehend the sheer depth of their own staggering irony.

…Psssst!…RangaMasterRace!…It’s because of your brazen dishonesty, your demeaning and dehumanization of MAPs, and your thinly veiled threat to beat another human being to death, with a barbedwire baseball bat…The gun comment was crossing a line, also…Personally, I would be embarassed if anybody had to point this obvious fact out to me.

Anyone with even a modest sense of personal honesty, should be able to recognize that Todd’s “babysitting story” is something he is recalling from a more formative time in his past…Hence, it’s one thing he has built his ethics and behavior out of.

…And what did he do?…

…He became aroused in the company of a young girl…removed himself to the privacy of the bathroom, and masturbated…

…And RangaMasterRace still has something to nit pick at, despite that what Todd did was objectively not wrong.

…Todd goes on to tell how he stopped babysitting, after that…though RangaMasterRace gives no acknowledgement to this. Way to cherry pick, RangaMasterRace!

…And we have another “bullet to the head” sociopath.

In my opinion, RangaMasterRace should lose all rights to internet access, for incitement and encouragement of murder and violence.

It’s easy for outsiders to look at MAPs, and scoff when we talk about being a persecuted minority, and discriminated against…because from the privileged place they sit, they have no concept of what the life of a MAP entails…or what MAPs spend a lifetime confronting.

When you are a MAP…the world is against you, no matter what you do [or refrain from doing]…Most of us come to this realization, at a young age…early adolescence…and live the rest of our lives with it.

Pushing back is not about wanting to be elevated to sainthood, for our past suffering…

…It’s about protecting others from having to go through these same, lifelong struggles and injuries.

…And all RangaMasterRace can come up with in response, is “shoot em in the head”?

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation…It’s how many MAPs are sexually oriented, biologically…

…Just because pedophilia is inconvenient to the current social structure, that doesn’t stop it from being a sexual orientation.

Legal technicalities are legal technicalities…So what?

A lot of people will say ugly, nasty things about us…and even redefine words and concepts, so that MAPs no longer fit within them…So what?

…That does not reflect upon the natural, objective reality of the situation…

…It just means there are a lot of people suffering from cognitive dissonance…or cognitive distortion…or they are malicious, habitual liars…

…To be fair…a vast many of you haven’t the first clue what you’re even talking about…and you’re just a sea of unknowing people, endlessly repeating each other…So, there is that possibility, also.

Biological age [or age difference] does not stop how you are sexually oriented…nor does it invalidate the orientation…It’s still how one is sexually oriented…hence the term “sexual orientation”.

RangaMasterRace is trying to employ the exact same tactic I’ve discussed here, a number of times…

…He’s trying to claim that MAPs cannot use objectively correct terminologies to describe themselves, because only the socially protected groups are allowed to use those…He doesn’t want us to have recognized social standing…and certainly not to be a protected group…[then he’d not have MAPs to look down upon, abuse and threaten]…

“Pedophilia is a mental disorder.”

Well…good luck with actually proving that…because it’s based on nothing more than popular culture bias…

…If homosexuals are just fine to you, today…well, guess what…they were “mentally ill” a handful of decades back…It’s a disgustingly subjective matter, RangaMasterRace.

The way MAPs are maltreated today, is far more about politics, social control and fear of “the other”, than it has ever been about combating danger towards children.

Oh…by the way RangaMasterRace…I took a copy of your violent, abusive smear video, for archival.

Inside The Life Of A ‘Virtuous’ Paedophile

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


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