Dolphin Lover – Watch the Full Documentary…

Date: January 04, 2017

01) Dolphin Lover – Watch the Full Documentary

“Watch the award winning short doc on the incredible true story of Malcolm Brenner and his summer long love affair with Dolly the dolphin.

Set in 1971 on the Southwest coast of Florida, Dolphin Lover tells the incredible true story of Malcolm Brenner, a college student who lands his first professional gig as a freelancer photographing the marine animals at Floridaland, a tourist trap disguised as a roadside amusement park. The experience would launch Malcolm’s career as a photographer and introduce him to his one true love while changing his life forever. Dolphin Lover tells the incredibly true story of Malcolm Brenner’s year-long romantic and sexual love affair with Dolly, a captive bottlenose dolphin.”

Wait a minute!…

…He claims to believe that his zoophilia came from being molested, and having something shoved up his rectum as a boy [hence finding animals a “safe repository” for his sex life]…

…But he not only wants to keep what he believes is the result of that terrible experience…he actually wants to legalize it, and proudly have it as a lifestyle, out in the open?

I know these things can be complicated…but, I’m not buying it.

This is very similar to the thing I was writing about before…where so many people believe being molested makes people gay…while at the same time, culture says gay people are so wonderful.

It’s this bizarre oxymoron of sorts…where something people find to be good is attributed to “a pedophile’s” bad behavior…Yet “the pedophile” is only reviled, and characterized in the worst ways possible…never given credit for the presumably good.

…It’s all so tragic…Yet it’s all so wonderful…all at the same time?

Beyond that quibble…this looks like an interesting enough film.

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