Pedosexuals: A History of Persecution…


Date: January 04, 2017

01) Pedosexuals: A History of Persecution

“This video has been uploaded to spread awareness about an issue that many are so reactive towards, it needs to be addressed. I made this video using clips from the documentary: “Chickenhawk: Men Who Love Boys”.

Made in 1994, this documentary is one that shows the vile hatred and discrimination pedsexuals receive, and reveals real-life stories about actual pedosexual relationships, along with interviews with pedosexuals and psychologists with a non-bigoted view towards those born different.

It also reveals how pedosexuals can engage in consenting relationships with children, and how pedosexuality has been something which has been a natural phenomenon throughout history.

This documentary is what opened my mind and made me realize just how mistreated pedosexuals are in our modern society, and I want to share it with others to maybe help open some minds and help progress society past closed-minded hate.”

I have the movie CHICKENHAWK shared in another post.

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6 thoughts on “Pedosexuals: A History of Persecution…

      1. Kevin

        I don’t suppose you know of a similar documentary. There’s Are All Men Pedophiles? & I, Pedophile, but these aren’t what I’m looking for, as both stigmatize adult-kid relationships.

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