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Positive Memories by T. Rivas…

Date: January 06, 2017

01) Positive Memories by T. Rivas

“Cases of positive memories of erotic and platonic relationships and contacts of children with adults, as seen from the perspective of the former minor”

For as much work as I have put into The EQF Community Links, it’s sometimes astonishing that even I forget what a wealth of information is linked there.

There are quite a few scholarly books linked at the EQF Community Links, which are entirely free to access.

The gem “Positive Memories” by T. Rivas is a relatively recent publication, which is also timely for me, given a Twitter exchange I am currently involved in…

…Some people imagine, that children [and grown adults] find no value in these kinds of relationships…

…Reality is…it is both life saving, and life changing, for untold numbers of people.

These types of relationships are something we, as MAPs, should be proud of.