Mechanism of Harm…


Date: January 15, 2017

01) Mechanism of Harm

“The mechanism of harm has rarely been mentioned more than in the most cursory fashion, and never really systematically investigated. Unlike other subjects of grave concern, like cancer or heart disease or even AIDS, there has been no funding set aside to understand how sexual experience causes harm, or really even to test the assumption that it does — even though several maverick researchers have demonstrated the need to look more deeply at this assumption.”

One has to question…just why so many “sex abuse” research studies have been conducted…yet this commonly present question in other research, of “what causes this harm”, is glaringly absent in “sex abuse” research…or at least woefully under explored.

It’s been my personal suspicion…that they simply don’t want this information out there for the general public…because they don’t want to confront, what they are likely to establish as true.

…What they find, is not going to be convenient to modern social practices and beliefs…and just as damning, in conflict with an established, powerful “sex abuse” industry.

…Wherever the money, moral outrage and over the top emotions are located…so gets dragged everyone else.

…Isn’t civilization wonderful?


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