How I Went to School…

Date: January 19, 2016

01) How I Went to School…

Back in October of 2016, I finally did something I’d been meaning to do for at least a year…probably two, or three.

How I Went to School: Accelerated Christian Education [ACE]…

This was never going to be a project based around sour grapes…In fact when I stumbled across ACE videos on YouTube, I was legitimately excited about it…because I could finally share something about myself with other people, that is often confusing to explain…because so relatively few people share this experience with me.

I was actually having fun making that post…because I could vouch for a lot of the things other people were saying about ACE…And it was bringing back a lot of memories…Most of them are not especially bad.

The problem with these kinds of schools, is that everything is measured against the bible…Any contradiction is defaulted to the bible’s narrative. Because they are private schools…they get away with this.

It’s astonishing…but true. The quality and integrity of your K-12 schooling, can have severe differences…And relatively few people seem to think there is anything wrong with that.

…Of course…when you go through roughly two decades of this…graduate, and have to go function in the world…it does eventually sink in, that you literally have to be deprogrammed…re-oriented…re-educated.

…Going to college presented a culture shock to me…Because I had so little experience learning and functioning in that kind of setting and structure.

…And, I mean…electives were almost non-existent…Nothing practical was offered, in the way of life skills…It was sad…About the only thing I would say these schools have a leg up on [aka an advantage], is preparing children to become missionaries, or have careers in the church.

They’re often not well funded…Sometimes the people running them are questionable…But I guarantee you, any kid who attends one will forget more about the bible, than your average person will ever know.

…And after spending all that time and years with your nose buried in the bible…you come out and realize, it’s not much of a useful thing…There’s all sorts of other things, time would be better spent on.

I sometimes think about the stuff I wanted to do [like learn to play the saxophone]…but was forced out of, because with everything else going on, I was overwhelmed…I couldn’t keep up with it…Me memorizing passages from the bible, was more important to them, than my development of a personally enriching musical skill…a skill which was important to me, on a personal level.

…Cant say as I much care about quoting bible verses today…But I’d love to play the sax in a band…That might actually be a beneficial skill, if I had it today.

…Heck…I could have been Kenny G…or something.

A bitter irony…is that it was the school, itself, that was contracting a music instructor to come in, and teach those of us interested [there was only three of us]…But they pulled me out, and wouldn’t let me continue [unlike the others].

I’ve always been creatively and musically inclined…Not well developed, but leaning in that direction…So, it has remained a sore spot of contention, given all the time we kids were forced to spend doing an insane amount of bible stuff.

In the years since…I’ve invested in a few musical instruments…but neglected to learn how to play them, in any meaningful way…Much to my personal shame.

As to that test:

We covered dinosaurs, too…And I know, something similar to that test was likely given to me…somewhere along the line.

Sometimes It’s surprising to look back, and realize how they tried to intertwine our education, with molding us into being world missionaries…Because you don’t even think about that, when you’re experiencing it [maybe later, but not early on]…That’s just how you are raised, to believe the world is…You don’t know anything different…and you lack the knowledge and skills to refute it.

My honest opinion, as someone who went through twelve years of it…is that schools like those that use ACE, should not be allowed to teach science…or social studies [as in government and history]…

…Granted, they don’t actually teach science…They teach a corrupted hybrid, of science submissive to religion…It’s not a real science education.

…Social studies is heavily propagandist…Though I’m sure many will argue, it is everywhere.

All the subjects that should be protected from turning them into a de facto extra bible study, are not protected at all…And there are way too many bible studies, mandatory and elective.

My experience with the church [and it’s ACE schools], remains one of the most irrational, bewildering experiences of my life.

…You escape from that kind of setting…and people come to scorn you, for your developed sense of honesty.

If nothing else…it’s been a major personal education, in social B.S.

Nothing has to be especially true, or even possess integrity…but it will fly, so long as enough people vouch for it, under the auspices of “looking out for the children’s better interests”.

That’s one of the major, fundamental rules of culture, right there.

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