PIZZAGATE.COM Is Offering $25,000 REWARD For Anyone That Can DEBUNK #PizzaGate…


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Date: January 20, 2017

01) PIZZAGATE.COM Is Offering $25,000 REWARD For Anyone That Can DEBUNK #PizzaGate

“There is a $25,000 reward to anybody who can successfully debunk every pizzagate accusation on We are legally obligated to pay up, as rewards are considered to be unilateral contracts. Please provide citations that do not bounce back to unsourced articles (eg. fake news such as Buzzfeed or CNN). Leave your identity politics at the door. This is much bigger than who you voted for. Whether you are republican or democrat, globalist or nationalist, we need to work together. Let us separate fact from fiction to determine the truth. We all want the truth, right?”

Here is an idea, that may occur to people in possession of a logical mind.

How about you pizzagate folks identifying the children you people claim to have been raped, trafficked and murdered, for once?

Is this asking too much, in the face of your extraordinary claims?…

Do these children even exist?

…Because it seems awful peculiar that these claims are being made, when there are no discernable victims, or even missing people.

I am not impressed, by some ridiculous challenge to disprove everything being claimed by you wildly imaginative people.

I’m confident a lot [maybe most, or all] of it cannot be disproven, simply because there is nothing out there, but your people’s claims.

…Or, to be able to disprove everything, you’d need to possess an unnatural ability to find and discover inherently private things, there’s no openly public path too.

Highly Curious Things:

01) The Pizzagate website exists…

01) Flippa page

…And somebody is looking to cash in on the domain, by selling it for $2,500.00…



…Such paragons of victim white knighting, these people must certainly be.

…Oh my goodness…

You bozos are making the claim, that some Washington D.C. pizza place is a hotbed of child rape and murder, which you conveniently “broke as a news story” amidst U.S. elections…and you dragged Hillary Clinton, her staff, the pizza place owner, our community symbols as MAPs, and now the community of BoyChat [which I am part of, thank you very much], and a new group called Heart Progress into this convoluted mess…Apparently for no other reason, than we, our community and our symbols just happen to exist, and be out here.

You people are incredulous liars.

You want credibility?…produce the victims you claim to exist…and soundly link them to the people you claim guilty, and the physical actions you claim took place.

Until you shysters are willing [or capable] to put up…you will remain a bunch of low brow liars.

You’re so certain that children have been raped, trafficked and murdered?…

…Then get to the police department, and file a complaint…

Of course…most [and probably none] of you will ever do this…because you know, that filing a frivolous, baseless or fraudulent police report, can get your own asses into legal hot water.

And your “website” is nothing more than a rabbit hole, of suggestions, innuendo and cobbled together pieces of information. There is nothing sound or logical about it.

Even victims of sexual assault, themselves, should be outraged at what you shameless cretins are doing.

You people are making a mockery, out of a serious social issue…and you’re acting to corrupt legal investigation, itself.

I’m starting to question, whether you people are seriously attempting to start a culture war…Whatever you are up to, it is wrong.


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