#PizzaGate: It’s all so obscure…

Date: January 20, 2017

For those who don’t mind visiting twitter:


It’s a lot to slog through…and you can tell there are a lot of people piling on, who “just have to believe”…common sense, facts and evidence of substance be damned.

These are people who are merely discovering [possibly for the first time], “networks of pedophiles”…which is to say, generally, loose associations of MAPs, who talk with each other and the public, and who share information…

They appear to have a heavy skewing towards superstition and religion…They arrive on the scene already certain, that these vast networks of pedophiles are kidnaping, raping and murdering children…despite that they have nothing to prove this belief…

And as soon as they discover you, as a MAP, they’re highly eager to throw you into that mental category, no matter how weak [or non-existent] the “connection”.

Not so long ago, I ran across this one person on YouTube, suggesting that pizzagate be used as a cover all term, to reference everything they deem “pedophilic”…no matter whether it has anything to do with Clinton, Podesta, Comet Ping Pong, or not.

I get the sense, they are trying to take things in that direction…And they’ve been trying to claim that a guy who frequents one of the pizza places in question [maybe both], argued on behalf of sexual liberation for youth and children…and that he posted at least one such statement, here on BoyChat.

Given this is alleged to have happened, around the time when I arrived here [1998]…It’s almost guaranteed impossible, that anybody is going to be able to confirm or rule out this possibility.

Gee…yet still another pizzagate claim, out of numerous, that cannot be proven or disproven…It’s like they’re trying to piece together some “case”, to take everybody they don’t like down…but they’re basing it on, “You can’t disprove it…So, Na Na Na, Na Na!”.

I can only give two comments on all the stuff I’ve slogged through, as concerns BoyChat…

I do recall somebody carrying on a conversation here about handkerchiefs, as relates to them being a symbol of sexual orientation…This is a vague memory…but I do recall it happening…I’m not sure if it went into the more gross direction, that the pizzagate people have gone in.

The question of someone incorporating the BLogo into a business sign also feels vaguely familiar to me…but there is no way I could say, what the context of the discussion was.

Even if a long standing MAP who was connected to the pizza places did happen to post here at one time…that’s not exactly shocking, given that BoyChat is one of the oldest websites on the internet.

A person posting something on BoyChat, essentially decades ago, in no way implicates this community in the fairytale those people are trying to spin.

I think Bill Maher summarized this type of thing best…

…”It’s idiots talking with other idiots”…and they’re working themselves up into a tizzy, over it.

These people don’t even seem to know what they are talking about…It’s a conspiracy theory gone wild.

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