Terminally Ill Toddler Becomes Internet Meme; Mom Fights Back…

Date: January 21, 2017

01) Terminally Ill Toddler Becomes Internet Meme; Mom Fights Back

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Grayson Smith is an Alabama toddler, born with heart and skull deformities, epilepsy, breathing difficulties and more. Though he wasn’t expected to survive his first weeks, he’s now a gregarious 3-year-old.

His mother, Jenny Smith, started a Facebook page several years ago to get support from fellow parents, and to support other parents going through the same challenges as her own family. So she was surprised and dismayed when she found that photos of Grayson had been stolen from the page and were spreading around the internet as a cruel meme. She decided to fight back.”

Maybe there are just a lot of people out there who are mentally ill?…I don’t know…

…Or maybe this type of thing, is the fallout of a culture where people are no longer physically close…and they don’t have to empathize, or deal with the face to face aspects of life?

This creates a lot of people, with stunted personal growth…a lot of people who should know better…but, what happens online “is not real” to them…or it’s all so impossibly black and white to them.

Thinking back…I remember some things I did as a kid…sometimes, completely without ill intent…sometimes, being a bit mean and not thinking things through…

It put me through some valuable learning experiences, to see the response to my actions…to feel the terrible feelings…to make sure they were okay…and to apologize.

This is something vital that’s missing, when all you do is type, or “speak on your computer”.

I think a lot of these people aren’t seeing, or comprehending, what they are doing.

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